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Invasion at Our Southern Border??

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A ”caravan” it is not. A ”mob” threatening our southern borders it surely is. Seeing hordes of young, healthy, agile young men heaving rocks at Mexican security forces, burning American flags and busting through gates while on their march through Mexico, dispelled all the myriad labels and descriptions of their peaceful goals heaped on them by the anti-Trump media. In short, this gang of wishful invaders to this country are potential illegals attempting to storm the borders of this country, guess what?……Illegally. Does anyone on the Loony Left deny that this group has every intention of entering this country, with no intent of following any international laws that govern the immigration process?

Their spokespeople in the Mainstream Media repeatedly tell us that these people who originated from Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. Who knows? Perhaps this group may even contain some fleeing the harsh weather conditions in Tierra del Fuego. All the more likely is that among them are surely members of ISIS, MS-13ers, criminals past and future along with more than a few children whose parents may have sold them off to the very numerous sex traders in their home countries. Our own doctors warn us that these invaders, none of whom carry with them their medical records to be displayed at legal border crossings, most probably host diseases such as tuberculosis, infantile paralysis and other illnesses wiped out long ago by our health system and now would cause a threat to our own citizens who would easily fall prey to their bacterial and viral companions. Are our medical facilities prepared for such a potential plague?

In addition, we at the Jewish Voice are more than a little disturbed at the Progressive Jewish voices who readily and without stumbling with words compare these people to those Jews who escaped to this land from the Holocaust. Then we have the recently elected to the House, Socialist, Anastasia Ocasio-Cortez tell us, ”Asking to be considered a refugee and applying for status isn’t a crime,” she recently wrote, ”It wasn’t for Jewish families fleeing Germany.” Of course, during the Nazi reign of terror, Jews fleeing Europe would have been ecstatic ending up in El Salvador, Mexico and even Honduras, with just their families and the clothes on their backs. They were escaping a murderous movement focused on wiping out an entire people. They did not stone American immigration officials when they got off the boats in Ellis Island. They did not display flags of Germany, Poland or Holland as they debarked wherever they found haven. And they did not flee joblessness or poor living conditions. They came here to literally survive. And they came here to assimilate, become Americans and helped make this country the greatest in the world. And with no rocks and burning of American flags. They came here to live.

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