Nevut, the international support organization for Israel Defense Forces Lone Soldier Veterans, is inviting the community on December 3rd at 8 pm for an evening of music, dancing, inspiring stories and food at Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere.

Participants will sit in the company of heroes, while enjoying the beautiful musical performance by “The best guitarist in all of Israel” Lazer Lloyd, and savoring a delicious dairy buffet. You will learn about the IDF lone soldier veterans who return to the United States after their service and how Nevut helps them through this challenging transition.

This is a benefit concert to raise funds, which are vital in assisting these altruistic young men to
continue their influential roles in society.

After between a year and a half to three years of service in the IDF, defending Israel and her people, carrying a weapon and working together as a unit, the lone soldier returns his or her weapon, uniform and military ID and becomes a civilian again. Often the soldier returns to his home country to school or a job after an intense period of total immersion of selflessness.

This transition is a challenge for many; every year more than 300 soldiers return to the USA and their futures are unclear. Said N., a lone soldier veteran, “The real world is hard, they don’t prepare you for this.”

Nevut was founded to smooth the transition and provide programs to build a community for the veterans, personal development, guidance and leadership and mentoring opportunities. Since its founding, lone soldier veterans have had the opportunity to participate in Holiday gatherings, Leadership programs, individual and group therapy, Shabbatonim career guidance and more. Said Rabbi Ari Abramowitz, Executive Director of Nevut, “To see the smiles on their faces and the feeling of that brotherhood that we had in the army is heartwarming.”

The goal of Nevut is to build a community for the veterans to stay together as a band of brothers, provide personal development with one on one personal guidance, fostering Jewish life to enable them to stay connected to their Jewish heritage and to cultivate their leadership skills by giving them the tools to continue to give back.

Another facet of the organization is a Leadership Initiative with Eric Pollak Psy.D., founder and executive director of the Shiluv Center for Lone Soldiers.

A year ago, Dr. Pollak and Ari Abramowitz began a monthly discussion group for veterans focusing on creating positive relationships, self-esteem, and sharing their military experiences. The Leadership initiative provides a forum to process their time in the IDF. The military is filled with amazing, rewarding experiences as well as some extremely difficult and challenging ones. The group meetings provide guidance and tools for veterans to express their feelings and vulnerabilities allowing them to grow, process and transition into civilian life. Leaving the army and returning to everyday life can be a hardship. Learning what to do next and finding the right path can be emotionally trying and exhausting. Nevut’s job is to make that transition easier.

“After leaving the military I felt like I was missing something,” said Gabi S. “Nevut has given me a community where I feel whole and complete being together with other veterans.“

To RSVP for the Chanukah concert, visit Nevut.org/Chanukah


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