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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Alien Invaders Have No Rights!

Dear Editor:

Invaders coming from Honduras! Invaders coming from Guatemala! Invaders coming from Mexico! They need jobs! They are fellow Christians! They need asylum! Their lives are in danger! Open the US southern border! Why now? What should we do? Is it coincidental that Arabs in Gaza are trying to forcefully enter Israel? Mr President, and Mr Prime Minister, be kind and do something good! What a mess, but there are no coincidences going on here. There are 6 forms of warfare: physical, cultural, economic, legal, demographic, and cyber. We are witnessing a combined cultural/demographic war being launched, against the 2 great pillars of western civilization, namely the US and Israel.

So who has declared war on us? We are being attacked by the Red/Green alliance. The big government Reds and the totalitarian Islamist Greens are working together to undermine our borders, so as to change our culture and change our voting behavior. So what should we do? Well democracies have rights, as do individuals! We should firmly act in our own self interest to protect our citizens! We should simply close our borders and allow no illegal aliens to step foot on our soil.

If we cannot build our wall or fences fast enough, we should invade 100 yards into Mexico and seal the roads there. We should stop all forms of foreign aid to these 3 southern countries until they firmly stop the invading hoards and turn them around. We should prepare lots of tear gas canisters. We should position snipers, should the criminal elements embedded in the crowds start shooting. After all, alien invaders have no rights while they invade our country or our houses. If their intentions are peaceful, they can apply for legal immigration. We must be very firm here. We represent sovereign countries and we have rights! Mr President, flex our collective muscles to save our country and western civilization!!


Ken Abramowitz


NY Needs a New US Senator

Dear Editor:

Thank you to the Jewish Voice for fearlessly endorsing Chele Farley, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, as opposed to Democrat incumbent, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Listening to Chele Farley speak, in person, and in the one debate that Gillibrand permitted, one sees the stark difference between the two candidates. Where Gillibrand can only speak about Trump, and blame everything on Trump, Farley has concrete suggestions as to how she will help improve life for New Yorkers. Her idea to make rent tax-deductible, just like home mortgages, is just one. When Gillibrand promotes the removal of ICE, Farley challenges her. When Gillibrand did an about face on Israel, following the Democratic party line in not recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital and moving the U.S. embassy there, Farley strongly supported the embassy relocation. When Gillibrand voted against the Taylor Force Act, denying U.S. funds to Mahmoud Abbas as long as he continues to reward PA terrorists who murder Jews, Farley was a strong supporter of the bill.

Gillibrand is lock-step with the Democrats who carried on the vicious anti-Kavanaugh campaign even while knowing that the accusations were false. These are the Democrats who embrace Keith Ellison despite the domestic violence claims against him as well as his connection to the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Louis Farrakhan. It’s those who spread that hatred who are responsible for the Pittsburgh synagogue slaughter, NOT President Trump who Gillibrand likes to blame for everything.

Farley accused Gillibrand of spending almost no time in New York, but rather campaigning across the country, with 2020 in mind. Gillibrand denies she has any interest in running for president and that if elected, she will remain in her post for six years. Farley doesn’t believe her. I hope New Yorkers will vote for Farley so that the question remains moot. We want a Senator who does not shift allegiance at her convenience, but who will use her talents and position to do what’s best for NY and the U.S. I’m voting for Chele Farley on Nov. 6. I hope you’ll do the same.


Helen Freedman


The Media and the Pittsburgh Massacre

Dear Editor:

I have been watching the news channels and talk shows noticing that except for FOX our president is being pictured as a Hitler, a demonic force which must be stopped through the midterm elections . He cannot do or say any correct in their eyes. The president did not murder the Jews in PITTSBURGH, BUT HE IS BEING BLAMED as the instigator of hate in our country. The opposition are the saints and do nothing wrong. I for one encourage all of you not to listen to this rhetoric and beware that most newspapers are doing the same. We are being pictured as dumb Nazi followers of our Hitler president. This will continue and get worse. As supporters of our president be strong and fight back. son of holocaust survivors? KEEP UP THE FIGHT EVERY ONE.


Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


Likes Chele Farley for US Senate

Dear Editor:

Not too late for a Press Release “endorsing” Chele Farley! I use the word “endorse” liberally as I don’t necessarily mean it in a literal sense. Non profits officially must be apolitical and PC (politically correct).

Let us “endorse” her like some politicians “endorse” the likes of Linda Sarsour.

Appearing with Sarsour in public, choosing her as an honored speaker in government funded events and supporting her work, is a form of “endorsement”.

Now is the time to support our friends, true friends of Israel. Candidate for US Senate for the State of NY, Chele Farley is one of them.

How sad that good Jews seem to be working against her by neutralizing open opposition to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Please don’t whitewash Gillibrand and her anti-Israel voting choices before the election to cover your derrier just in case Gillibrand wins.

Kirsten Gillibrand has and is aligned with real enemies of Israel. Gillibrand has a record of supporting Planned Parenthood and Abortion, supporting anti Semites like Linda Sarsour and supporting a Nuclear Iran.

All of Trump’s gains for America and Israel have been Gillibrand’s losses.

Even if according to predictions Gillibrand is likely to win, it will become a self fulfilling prophesy if leaders who should know better, don’t effectively oppose her.

Jewish Leaders….Don’t feel like a grasshopper crying about a done deal when you in fact can still make a difference!

Why betray our people and partner with the enemy by neutralizing opposition as the enemy is kept in power by being complicit?

Our enemies only want to neutralize negative press of anti-Israel candidates and suppress statements of support of pro-Israel candidates.

Shall we, influential Jews purposely sweep evil under the rug, choose to be useful idiots, political pawns, foolishly lured into silence, expecting pay back from our enemies when they are in office?

Our enemies don’t really want or need our endorsements. They simply want legitimacy and to silence the opposition. They probably will pay a price to achieve this goal.

As Queen Esther put it, she would have remained silent if it wasn’t a matter about the destruction of our people!

Jews must put their Trust only in G-d and in G-d fearing people.

Fake rhetoric of solidarity with Jews in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh massacre, by time tested enemies of Israel is duplicitous, nauseating and deceptive.

We all agree that deadly attacks such as what happened in Pittsburgh is tragic.

Is it less deadly than a nuclear Iran or a Palestinian State?

We are being complicit in not openly and aggressively fighting a United States Senator who openly supports those who want annihilate us.

How can we expect Farley to win with a defeatist attitude from her true supporters?


Robin Ticker

Co­Chair of AFSI Brooklyn Chapter

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