The Jewish Voice endorses the following candidates in the September 13th Democratic primary. Please print this reference guide and bring it with you to your polling station. We urge you all to make your voices be heard through your voting power!

FOR GOVERNOR – The Jewish Voice calls on voters to strenuously voice their opposition to the far left radical policies of both the incumbent in New York State’s Democratic primary for governor,  Andrew Cuomo and his challenger Cynthia Nixon.  The policies that were promulgated and implemented by the Cuomo administration throughout his tenure as governor have been highly politicized as the governor continues to pander to his left wing base which does not represent the values of hard working, family oriented New Yorkers who happen to maintain “middle of the road” political views.  Let’s also not forget the fact that the Cuomo administration has been plagued with the most loathsome forms of government corruption and unadulterated graft.

As for Nixon,  her ostensibly progressive politics are nothing more than a thinly veiled smoke screen for her authentic  agenda of establishing a totally far left, socialist democratic style government here in the Empire State.

As such, the Jewish Voice calls on voters to register their protest against these two candidates by not voting for either one of them.


FOR Lieutenant Governor of New York –  The Jewish Voice endorses Kathy Hochul for Lt. Governor. In Hochul’s first few weeks in office, she co-sponsored bills with Brian Higgins to streamline the passport acquisition process. She also met with the President about the economy and job creation and introduced a motion in the House to restore the Republican cuts to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. She also looked for ways to reduce the federal budget deficit, open to reducing Medicaid spending as long as it wasn’t in the form of block grants offered to states, as proposed in the GOP budget blueprint. She also spoke with President Obama about ending tax breaks for oil companies and protecting small businesses


FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL –  The Jewish Voice endorses Letitia James, the public advocate for New York City, a former City Council member and former head of the attorney general’s regional office in Brooklyn for Attorney General of New York in the NY primaries. Ms. James understands the gravitas of the position and the indelible impact it has on all New Yorkers. There is no doubt that she will be a passionate advocate for consumers. In terms of uncovering and prosecuting the plethora of scam artists that prey on the vulnerable, Ms. James will protect older residents from housing fraud. She will also be quite vigilant in ferreting our taxpayer fraud.


FOR COMPTROLLER –  The Jewish Voice endorses Tom DiNapoli for State Comptroller. From the moment he took office in February 2007, Tom DiNapoli has been committed to protecting taxpayer dollars by fighting corruption and waste, and safeguarding retirees’ pensions. As the people’s fiscal watchdog, Tom has worked for taxpayers by following the money at all levels of government from local fire districts to state agencies. He has identified billions in waste, misuse and cost savings through audits of local governments, state agencies, public authorities and state contracts. When he found problems, Tom pushed for change and held government accountable to ensure New Yorkers get the most for their money.


FOR STATE SENATOR – 17th District –   The Jewish Voice endorses State Senator Simcha Felder for re-election. Felder has gained enormous popularity among his constituents for advocating strongly on their behalf and for his stalwart support of Israel.  Felder has backed city funding for religious schools, and most importantly has backed parental choice in educational options. He opposes government meddling in terms of their ill conceived attempts to forcibly impose a secular curriculum in certain yeshivas, Felder has also gained attention by calling for better labeling of caffeine content in foods and beverages, as well as a ban on the distribution of unsolicited fliers. Felder is perhaps best known for his attempt to ban the feeding of pigeons in New York City. Most recently, Felder came out strongly against the MTA plan to implement express and local buses on Kings Highway as that would hurt both shopkeepers and consumers alike.


FOR STATE SENATOR  –  22nd DISTRICT – The Jewish Voice endorses Andrew Gounardes. Gounardes has already been endorsed by the local chapter of United Automobile Workers, the SEIU, Ithe District 1 chapter of Communications Workers of America, Former Council Member Vincent Gentile, Assembly Member Peter Abbate, Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, Bay Ridge Democrats, the Brooklyn Young Democrats, the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, the Southern Brooklyn Democrats, the Stars & Stripes Democratic Club, the Chairperson of the Kings County Democrats Frank Seddio and Run for Something.



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