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Journalist Laura Loomer Attacked at Event for Palestinian Seeking Congressional Seat

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Things got crazy and dangerous quickly at a political event when someone elected to congress assaulted a journalist who was just trying to ask her questions. Rashida Tlaib was the attacker and is a Palestinian Muslim from Michigan. She went after a Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, at an event last weekend for U.S. Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, Big League Politics reports.

Loomer was not only assaulted but also had her phone stolen.

Big League Politics adds its opinion on the situation, saying that “in the Middle East, violence against Jews may be tolerable. In America, where Tlaib – running unopposed after her primary win – and is set to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, it is not. In fact, all types of political violence are denounced in America. The violent political left seems to have missed the memo.”

The altercation came after Tlaib was asked by the Jewish reporter about whether or not the terror organization Hamas is in fact a fundamentalist organization that weaponizes terror and violence. Tlaib, who is running to be a lawmaker, was hesitant to give her opinion about a group that the government does deem a terror organization, and she quickly turned violent.

Someone else stepped in to eventually help Loomer by pulling her away from the assailant.

Tlaib went even further by saying the victim was actually stalking her, even though she was just doing her job by asking questions and doing so in a professional and respective manner.

“I’m now going to be a member of Congress, Inshallah,” Tlaib said. “Inshallah” means “God willing” in Arabic, Big League Politics explains.

Loomer didn’t miss a beat and went back to hitting the candidates with a number of questions, undeterred by any sort of threats.

Both candidates have the endorsement of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, characterized as a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates.

Her biography says that in 2018, Tlaib won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives seat from Michigan’s 13th congressional district. She is running unopposed in the general election and is expected to become the first Muslim woman in Congress and the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress. Tlaib was born on July 24,1976 to working-class Palestinian immigrants in Detroit, Michigan. Her mother was born in Beit Ur El Foka, near the West Bank city of Ramallah. Her father was born in Beit Hanina, a neighborhood in Jerusalem. She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Loomer put a video of the confrontation on Twitter:

I confronted Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, two Jihadi US candidates with connections to terror organizations.

They have both expressed hatred towards Jewish people, & are campaigning w/ pro-HAMAS Linda Sarsour, & CAIR, which is a terror org.@OzraeliAvi @debbie1ala

Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer) August 12, 2018

By: Craig Lane

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  1. @LAURALOOMER is a great journalist. She loves the truth and sticks with the facts. She boldly goes where no other journalist goes. She exposes the lies of other MSM reporters who diss the facts to make the lies of their day to be received as fact.
    America IS under siege, make no mistake about that!

  2. // I am for the United States, and obviously; I have no desire to have My Country represented by any Hamas recruit or follower.

  3. Sharia Law is here. It is being implemented, but we cant see it, because its in the early stages. America is finished

  4. keep providing the truth to the rest of America. we appreciate all the sacrifices you make to keep us informed.thank you so much.

  5. We need to nip this in the bud NOW‼️These Islamic Organization are all terrorists group’s and should be labeled so,history has a short memory it seems to me.What was the AGENDA for the 11 terrorists that hijacked the planes on 9/11/01 and killed over 3,000 American People and WHAT RELIGION DID THESE TERRORISTS DO THIS MURDOUS ACT IN THE NAME OF?Now The American People are so Stupid to allow Islamic Muslim Fanatic’s into Our American Politics‼️ Are you ignorant ass people for real❓✝️ we are not going to allow Shriah Law to ever take place allover America,now is they want to practice this shit in their own neighborhood’s,so be it.But if they ever touch my wife, daughter’s or granddaughter’s,there is going to be a lot of action for allah passing out virgins to these idiots‼️??✝️??✝️

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