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Art Billionaire in Nasty Divorce; Wife Catches Him Naked with Another Woman

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Art billionaire David Mugrabi is divorcing his wife of 13 years, Libbie, after she got her nanny to tape him swimming naked with another woman at their home in the Hamptons. There are also accusations that the Mugrabis got into a physical altercation over a Keith Haring sculpture worth $500,000.

Allegedly, in July, while Libbie and their two children, ages 11 and 9, were out, David went skinny dipping at their home in Water Mill, New York, with the other woman. An anonymous source close to the situation told pagesix.com that Libbie “confronted the woman the next day over breakfast, and secretly got her nanny to record it.”

A few days later, Libbie and David apparently physically fought over a three-foot tall Haring sculpture featuring three colorful dancing figures. “David came home to find Libbie holding the statue,” the source claimed. “She says he shoved her as she was holding the statue, and she fell back so that the heavy artwork fell [and] hit her.” Police were called and took a report, but nobody was arrested. Libbie filed for an order of protection the next day in the Manhattan Family Court.

David’s lawyer, Lois Liberman, refused to comment.

“I am sorry… but the court issued a ‘gag order’ precluding the parties and their counsel from speaking with the press,” she said. “I am concerned that you are being fed inaccurate one-sided information from Libbie and/or her ‘sources’ but we have and will continue to abide by court orders.”

When Libbie’s claim that David had cut her off financially was brought up, Liberman said, “Mr. Mugrabi has every intention of providing funding to ensure the parties’ children have two new homes to live in with their parents come September.” The Mugrabi family owns an estimated $5 billion art collection, including around 800 works of the late Andy Warhol, and works by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Damien Hirst. David is also famous for bringing a New Jersey storage facility to court last year, accusing them of holding approximately $100 million worth of art over a payment dispute.

Bill Zabel, one of Libbie’s lawyers, declined to comment on this issue. He had previously said that they were hoping for a private settlement. Her other lawyer, Ira Garr, could not be reached by pagesix.com.

“This is a case that needs to be settled for the sake of both families, especially the children,” Zabel said.

Libbie was also granted $25,000 a month in spousal support earlier in August. David also must pay the full tuition for the children. She is also seeking claim to his fortune, art collection, and real estate, including the home in Water Mill and a house on East 82nd Street.

By: Matthew Silkin

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