Whoopi Goldberg Could Lose Job After Spitting Fiasco


Jeanine Pirro filed a complaint against ABC’s Goldberg, alleging Goldberg told her to “get the f*k out of here” following Thursday’s appearance on The View, and then spat in her face.

Following the complaint, an online petition has been created asking ABC to fire Whoopi Goldberg for assaulting the outspoken conservative judge, according to Your News Wire.


Breitbart.com reports: Pirro recounted, “As I was exiting the stage, [Whoopi Goldberg] was already off, and she said, ‘F you. F you,’  and then I said, ‘Whoopi, I can’t believe it. I have fought for victims my whole life.’”


Pirro continued by saying Goldberg “got in my face to the point where she was actually spitting at me and she said, ‘Get the f out of here. Get the f out of this building,’ and she’s pointing to the door. It was almost as though I was a dog, and she cursed me out and said, ‘get the f out of this building.’”


Pirro added, “I have to tell you guys, as a prosecutor and judge and a DA, I can go toe-to-toe with the best of them. Well, I have never been treated like this in my life. They invited me on The View. I didn’t ask to go on, and people said, ‘Don’t’ go on it.’ I said, ‘You know what? As far as I’m concerned, I can defend my book.’ I wrote it. I’ve got hundreds of footnotes. I’m going to go on. I like them. I don’t have a problem with them. They were gunning for me.”


Pirro cast Goldberg’s belligerence as part of a broad trend of widespread left-wing hostility towards conservatives. She said, “Americans need to understand that in 2018 they’ve got to stand up for what they think is right and what course is the best that this country is going to take, because the more and more the left starts approaching people in restaurants and abusing them in public spots, the more this becomes normal, the more we’re going to be victimized by it. … They can call us fascists all they want, but I have been shut down in my attempt to answer questions in a place where I was invited on. I mean, the whole thing is stunning to me.”

Pollak asked if any of The View‘s producers subsequently apologized for Goldberg’s hostility.

Pirro replied, “As the segment was abruptly ended, Meghan McCain mouthed to me, ‘I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.’ Honestly, I didn’t even know if I should get up from the table because I knew it wasn’t over, but the host just pushed the chair away and stormed off. It was almost surreal to me. As I walked out, people started coming around because they heard her cursing at me. At that point, I just walked it out as I was being thrown out. As I was walking out, she was following me cursing at me. .. All I can tell you is that I was shocked. I always like Whoopi Goldberg [and] Joy Behar. I co-hosted that show before, and I’m not afraid to talk to anybody. But this is a real problem in this country and it’s happening from the left to the right all the time.”

Pirro concluded, “I would never do that to anyone. I would never invite anyone on my show and then abuse them in an obscene way. That’s not the way we do it in this country. Liars, leakers, and liberals, that’s who the left is. They want socialism. They want communism. They want to shut us down and they call us fascists? Really? Enough of this.”



    • Whoopi Goldberg is a fat ugly chunk of worthless matter. I’ve never heard her say anything worth taking seriously, and all she ever does is become outraged by meaningless BS. It’s not a coincidence that she is unmarried, and has no children as far as I know. She’s great for ABC, as ABC has always been one of the many liberal sewage pipes.

      • Derek,
        Whoopi has a daughter and at least one grandchild. She’s been married at least once. Suggest you get your facts straight and drop the abhorrent digs about personal appearance.

        In general, everyone needs to drop the liberal vs. conservative crap. That’s what belongs in a “sewer pipe”. It’s divisive, insulting, apropos of nothing, creates no forward motion, and solves nothing.

  1. Whoopi goldberg should be fired IMMEDIATELY. I hope Judge Piro follows through with this. This hatred is so out of hand. I, as a proud American, am ashamed and disgusted by the venom being spewed by Democrats and Trump haters. And to all of you our there, it’s MR. PRESIDENT!!! Do you have any idea of the disrespect you give our Country, as well as yourselves!? You live here. Don’t like it!? LEAVE!! Whoopi was supposed to leave if President Trump won, so why don’t you all get together and DO IT ! Do us all a favor!

  2. We dont like Whoopi either. Shes very big headed. She has her opinions but she should be respectful of others. She tries to push her weight and shes a very rude person! She should be fired!

  3. Whoopi is just like Rosie was, a bully. Once a talented comedian and actress, now she just seems filled with hate.

  4. Whoopie needs to be fired immediately, and then she needs to go live on a private island, with no interaction with anyone! I don’t ever watch that show, mainly because of Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar.
    And, yes, conservatives need to be praying for America! If we don’t stand up, America as we know it, will be lost!

  5. Disguesting Whoopi’s and joy keep their hateful,raciest,hate,words about our presidEnt to themselves. Hateful remarks abound presidents family dis grace to abc Fire them.

  6. I would think that coming from a people who have been mistreated would demonstrate what being treated with respect would look like, by not being a taskmaster.


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