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Walmart Pursues Court Order to Prevent Former Exec from Joining Amazon

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Walmart has asked a court to prevent a former tax executive from getting a job with Amazon, stating that it would potentially violate a competition agreement between the companies.

Amazon has acquired Whole Foods

According to the lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, the company knew that former senior vice president and chief tax officer Lisa Wadlin was resigning but was not made aware until May that she was hired by Amazon as vice president of tax and tax policy. The lawsuit further states that Wadlin’s knowledge of Walmart’s business plans “would be of immense benefit to Amazon” and could “irreparably harm” Walmart’s profits should Wadlin share her information with her new employers.

Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove told The New York Post senior executives for the company sign an agreement stating that they will not take jobs with competitors with revenue of more than $7 billion for two years after leaving and that “Ms. Wadlin’s acceptance of a job with Amazon will violate her non-compete clause.”

Both companies have been competing in their respective business fields; Walmart has been tapping into online business to keep up with Amazon, while Amazon has made headway into the physical grocery business by acquiring Whole Foods.

The lawsuit further states that Wadlin brings with her private information about Walmart’s future mergers, which Amazon can then use to either force Walmart to pay more or even buy up before Walmart gets the chance.

Walmart is seeing that the court upholds the non-compete agreement and bars Wadlin from using or sharing any confidential information that she might have.

By: John McKinney

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