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Vizhnitz Chassidim to Establish New $500M Community in Lakewood

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The Rebbe of the Jerusalem Vizhnitz community is seeking to establish a Vizhnitz community in Lakewood, New Jersey, which he plans to lead in the future.

The Vizhnitz Rebbe took over leadership after the passing of his father, the Vizhnitz Rebbe of Monsey zt”l, and has spent Shabbos and the High Holidays with his followers in Jerusalem, but the Rebbe wants to move the community to Lakewood, which seems to be the center of Chassidut in the United States.

A meeting was held in Boro Park, Brooklyn, last week to plan the move, according to Israeli newspaper BeChadarei Chareidim.

According to details of the meeting, there will be 66 apartments sold at a reduced price over the course of 18 months to Vizhnitz Chassidim who are coming to Lakewood. The community will be established in the Chassidic neighborhood of Lakewood, amongst other Chassidic groups, such as Satmar and Belz. There are plans to sell the apartments in advance, so that yeshiva students can take advantage of the opportunity with regards to the housing crisis. The project has already been funded and is starting implementation, to keep costs below $500,000.

The apartments themselves are two floors, each 242 square meters, and will include a living room, kitchen, dining room, bookroom, playroom, five bedrooms, and four bathrooms. Each apartment also has a 120 square meter basement. The planners emphasized that these apartments are of higher and better standards than regular apartments, without any higher costs.

Additionally, there will be room for a Passover kitchen, parquet floors instead of the usual Lakewood carpeted flooring, and there is the option of adding two rooms plus bathrooms in the 46 square meter attic, with a balcony. The stairs at the apartment entrances will have only a fence, without any walls on the sides, which the planners say adds to the neighborly feel. Everything will be included in the price of the apartments.

The new community will also be building their own 930 square meter Beit Midrash, complete with a social hall, banquet hall, and large mikvah. The Beit Midrash will be home to Torah classes, daily minyanim, a kollel, and children’s programming. The Rebbe’s son-in-law, Rabbi Yisrael Moskowitz, also promised that a yeshiva katana and yeshiva gedola would both be built. There are also plans for a building specifically for community businesses and daily needs.

At the end of the meeting, the Chassidim had the opportunity to write their questions down so that the planners could get back to them with answers as soon as possible.

By: Matthew Silkin

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  1. I’m very distressed by the subjugation of civil law in Lakewood and in similar cities of the US, with the ascendancy of religious law. Theocracy is in vogue, and it’s dangerous. Extreme religious sects seem more than willing to undermine and overthrow democratic norms. Of course, I will be accused of anti-Semitism (that comes with any criticism of rabbinic conduct in Lakewood and elsewhere). But I disapprove of the usurpation of Constitutional, democratic and secular norms and rules by any and all religions demonstrating extreme views. It’s happening with every major religion.

    • I grew up In Lakewood On Spruce St. Went to clifton ave grade school Spruce st School Lakewood Jr. High School And Lakewood High School.Left in 1969 and returned for my 45th High school Reunion .The town I left and have fond memories of was long since gone.The Chassidim Have destroyed this community to the point of no return. I am a Jew was Bar mitvhed at cong sons of Israel orthodox .That being said The Chassidim of Lakewood have turned that town into a filithy falling out of repair place where there is no diversity . if you dont where a Strummel or a black hat or a wig you are fround upon or theated like a goy This really sucks you bring shame to me when someone asks me where are you from and I say Lakewood NJ.
      Thats one Mans opinion

      • Lakewood does not tolerate jewish religious diversity just like Waterbury ,Monsey and other right wing communities.I can still wear shorts in Midwood,Brooklyn.

  2. They’ve taken over Lakewood an DESTROYED it already!! Now their moving into to neighboring towns which they will eventually take over an destroy too if we don’t take a stand! I’m not rascis by any means but like the one guy said I’d you don’t look like them your scum to them! Every time you drive thru that town tour praying to God one of them don’t hit you! I see toddlers walking down the streets with now parents or older siblings. They freeload with welfare, food stamps, housing medical bc they’re not married on paper. It’s ridiculous! Especially when there are people that really need the help an they are denied. Go get a job aN stop having 25 kids am expecting working tax payers to foot yur bills!!! Say where you are!!! Don’t come here we have enough of you people already! The town is busting at the seems as it is!!!!!

  3. NO. no more can be built. it has nothing to do with religion. it has to do with survival. have your planners do some environmental research. look at the geological maps and the reports. the overdevelopment has put a huge strain on the kirkwood/cohannsey aquifer to the point where it cannot replenish itself. the epicenter of the problem is lakewood. your apartments will not be very attractive with little or no water! add a dying bay that can no longer handle the stormwater runoff from the huge footprint of impervious surface that has been created. then add a dying pine barrens. the infrastructure cannot handle any more either. it’s failing. your apartments and other buildings won’t be very attractive when the sewage treatment plant backs up from overload. when the garbage isn’t picked up. when the streets aren’t cleaned or plowed….because there is not enough services to handle it! you also won’t like it when police and ems take forever to answer a call because there are not enough of them. enough is enough. stop before you destroy everything for everyone..

  4. Who would have thought that the 80’s was the good ol days of Lakewood. What an over populated mess now, soon to be worse!

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