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Trump & the Historic Korean Summit

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It’s amazing how the “Hate Trump!” prejudice of the Far Left media dissolves in the reality of real time. Just a few months back, headlines and the babbling mouths of the Democrat Party’s henchmen prophesized a wartime scenario and a nuclear Holocaust based on President Trump’s supposed ignorance in foreign relations. NBC headlines were, “North Korea threatens U.S. with Nuclear Strike.” We were doomed! Hawaii even panicked with a false incoming nuclear-armed rocket warning that had its residents saying their prayers and cell phone calls of, “It was nice knowing you, I’m going to die,” to their continental relatives.

And even in the shining light of a possible, even remotely possible peace between the Korea’s, North and South, with videos of last week’s Korean summit showing the heads of both nations holding hands like kids, while smiling and traipsing back and forth over a makeshift border, this Sunday’s NYT headline blared, “Korean Unity Puts Pressure on Trump.” No credit for his many months of visiting and working with China, Japan and South Korea. A ball field scorecard would show, “Trump 10, North Korea 0” but the Democrat-loyal media will not give an inch. Even the scholars chimed in and headlined Trump as the loser. “No question, Kim Jong Un won 2017,” according to Jeffrey Lewis, at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey who was quoted in the MSM.

Who knows if the lunatic, Kim will keep any promise he keeps. He’s a proven liar. But the efforts Trump has made to contain and cripple North Korea with international economic sanctions with even the United Nations joining in, deserves some positive recognition. This week’s recent inter-Korean summit may not turn out to be anything. We have to wait and see. But North Korea is a problem that we can now manage. Trump has successfully contained the North, militarily, economically and diplomatically.

They are now being squeezed by even their main patron, China. And that’s why we’re calling for Donald J. Trump to be awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. Progressives will scoff and go nuts, however, perhaps we’re hallucinating, but didn’t President Obama win a Nobel Peace Prize for his anticipated achievements which never materialized? Rather his much ballyhooed Arab Spring turned into a horror of deaths, mass migrations and other horrors that have yet to be recorded. And in support of our call for Trump to be internationally honored, throw in his campaign to nearly destroy the Islamic State and you realize how in less than 1 1/2 years on the job, Trump deserves to finally be honored for his humanitarian feats that we pray will continue to improve the lives and futures of all of this planet’s occupants.

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