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Profiles of the Greatest Jewish Pro-Wrestlers Part 2

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Once more The Jewish Voice will have some fun as we present to you, the second half of the greatest Jewish professional Wrestlers of all time !

Barry Horowitz– From Florida, Horowitz had a long career in the squared circle which began in Florida’s independent circuit, and elevated to long term career in the WWE. Barry, was what you call a “jobber” for most of his wrestling tenure in the WWE, the guy who would be defeated by much stronger opponents who were getting the “push” by promoters. Barry, eventually had his day in the sun and he got his push, by pulling off several “upset victories” and making a name for himself. He retired in 2000 and works as a nutritionist. During his push, in the WWE, he wore a star of David on his wrestling tights.

“Diamond” Dallas Page **** Update, DDP is not Jewish, his wife is, we made an error in our research, however we heard from his Yoga school, an he was honored to be considered one of the great pro wrestlers, which he indeed is ****Born Page Joseph Falkinburg, from New Jersey, Page had a tremendous career in WCW in the 90’s. Famous for his devastating move “the diamond cutter”, he was a fan favorite, and was a top draw for the promotion, that used to be extremely popular on TBS, seen around the nation. Page, held the WCW heavyweight title 3 times, the tag-team championship 4 times and other belts. When WCW went out of business, his career continued in the WWE, and today he is in the WWE Hall of Fame. Today Page, teaches Yoga and has a well-known program of instructional videos and products, he is a pain management specialist as well. He is married with 2 daughters, and semi-retired from pro-wrestling.

Other Jewish wrestlers and personalities from the world of pro wrestling include   the WWE and WCW  90’s tag team “The Nasty Boys”, Brian Knobs ans Jerry Saggs,  the famous ring announcer of 80’s WWF (WWE) Howard Finkel , WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is half Jewish and celebrates her Jewish heritage, independent star Colt Cabana is Jewish  and the late “Grand Wizard” of 70’s WWF Fame.

“The Grand Wizard” was a pioneering manager who was a tremendous “heel” in the 70’s wrestling world, he essentially started the “manager  interference”  in wrestling where the manager would distract the referee or interfere directly in the match for his wrestler.  His real name was Ernie Roth and  reportedly took the name “The Grand Wizard” as a snub to the white supremacy organization the Ku Klux Klan, whose leaders were called Grand Wizard.

Goldberg– Without question Bill Goldberg is the most famous Jewish professional wrestler of all time with the exception of maybe Macho Man, Randy Savage.. He tore up WCW with an “undefeated streak” which lasted for months on end in 1997-1998. He was almost invincible at one point and held the WCW title for 175 days. He later wrestled in WWE, where he won the WWE Heavyweight championship. He is in the WWE Hall of Fame, occasionally wrestles, does occasional movies, co-owns and operates the Extreme Power Gym Muay Thai and amateur boxing training facility in Oceanside, California. He collects vintage cars and is married with one Son. Goldberg was never shy about his Jewish heritage, he discussed it in the ring, and never wrestled on major Jewish holidays such as Yom Kippur.

By Jared Evan

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