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In Wake of Vicious Anti-Semitism, Is it Time American Jews Start Packing?

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NY activist Al Sharpton, has never been a friend of Jews, in the 80’s he told his followers to “burn down that Jew business” during a riot in Harlem.

“Liquidate the Diaspora or the Diaspora will liquidate you.” Those were the prophetic words of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, uttered on his trips throughout Europe prior to WWII that called for his fellow Jews to get out of what he knew was harm’s way and immigrate to Palestine for their survival. They didn’t listen, cat-called at his talks, denounced and booed his speeches and of course he was on target as 6+ million perished in the Holocaust. Let’s go to the present and his words ring ever so true today on that very same continent that we thought was cleansed of Jew hating in 1945. It seems never to end.

Radical Activist Linda Sarsour, spoke at the popular “Woman’s March”’ and supports Sharia Law in America.

In Germany, for instance, it is no longer the goose-stepping, storm trooper, Nazis that are intimidating, threatening and attacking Jews. Germans and their inbred Jew hating mentality have been reinforced with the more lethal threat of radical Islam that threatens the remainder of that nation’s vulnerable Jewry. German police registered 1,453 Jew hating incidents last year, more than in five of the last seven years. The American Jewish Congress tells us what we already surmised, that fewer than a third of actual incidents are reported to authorities. “I fear that a new generation of anti-Semites is coming of age in Germany,” Josef Schuster, head of the country’s chief Jewish organization told journalists last week. In other words, Schuster was carefully avoiding using the “Muslim” word for fear of being labled an Islamophobe bringing down the wrath of the liberals for him merely to have the audacity to tell the truth.

Senator Bernie Sanders, was one of the first to defend Palestinian Hamas Gaza protesters and attack Israel last week.

And if you traipse from one European nation to the next, you find that the influx and super breeding of the migrant Muslims taken in by the other nations such as England, France, Sweden, Holland has quickly ballooned the threats and attacks against the loyal, productive Jewish citizens of Europe. In Britain, of all places, the opposition Labour Party is facing accusations of anti-Semitism by its leftist leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Another top leader of that party was involved with the posting of Holocaust denying material on social media. In Sweden with a Jewish population of about 15,000, Judith Popinski, a leader of the Jewish community, who found haven in that supposed liberal nation after WWII stated recently, “This new hatred (against Jews) comes from Muslim immigrants.” Synagogues in Malmo and Gothenburg have had their windows replaced with rocket-proof materials to prevent terrorists attacks.

NY activist Al Sharpton, has never been a friend of Jews, in the 80’s he told his followers to “burn down that Jew business” during a riot in Harlem.

Sadly, havens for Europe’s Jews are few and far between. At this writing our country and Israel are the most secure. But with the likes of Keith Ellison, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and the prominence of our colleges being overrun by groups such as Students For Justice in Palestine and Black Lives Matter joined by a “hate Israel” faculty the future of American Jewry is altogether not so secure. Do we hear the echoes of Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s words coming to us from the pages of history? We must wake up, finally stand up and take action or prepare to pack our bags once again.

by Alan Bergstein


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  1. Although I still believe that Jews are still safe in our beloved America, there should be a ‘Wake-Up’ call to not only Jews but all peace loving citizens to confront the Left wing factions that are planning to undermine our way of life. False claims of racism continue to occur when we attack the demonic likes of Sharpton, Farrakhan, Ellison and their like. Bigotry is bad and intolerable from whoever utters it, whether black, white, orange, yellow or pink.

  2. Alan Bergstein are you saying that the Black Lives Matter is promoting hatred towards the American Jewry? That because blacks like you are trying to get justice is overrunning your agenda? Please explain this!

    • Perhaps he is referring to some incidents where Black Lives Matter demonstrations were co opted by Palestinian and far left groups who were including anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic material that had no place there.
      Now at the 50th year anniversary of the Great Dr. Martin Luther King’s death, we should remember that Jewish leaders supported the Black struggle and still do. Equal rights and freedom for all is what they did and we still stand for.

  3. Anyone who doesn’t think that there has been a dramatic rise in US anti-semitism is living in denial or under a rock. Even the self hating Jews are crawling out of the woodwork because they either think it’s safe to do so or are simply yellow bellied and jumping ship.
    Join AIPAC, buy property in Israel and do the best you can to stave off the onslaught. Buckle your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  4. Are there any differences between the Islam ideology and Nazi ideology?

    They both seem to embrace the same ideology of exterminating all Jews, world domination, death to all LGBT, supremacist beliefs, taqiya/deceit, kill or enslave all non-believers, elimination of democratic structures, intolerance and hate, subservience of women, death for apostasy, etc

    Nazism and Islam seem to share many beliefs and practices.

    • Hitler was an enthusiastic Islamophile, saying that it would have been better if Islam had overcome Europe instead of “meek”, “muddled” Christianity. When multiculturalists call anyone who questions Islam a Nazi, don’t let them forget that.

  5. Hey Mr Sharpton, maybe it’s time that you go packing back to Africa or where ever you came from and take Bernie Sanders ( trailer) and Linda Sagrsour with you. Your all a disgrace!

  6. Hey Mr Sander, Shame on you for turning against your own people. You are a traitor to the Jewish Religion. You should consider moving in with your Hamas friends.

    • Bernie Sanders is on the side of the oppressed, not the Oppressor. Why would he stick up for “his people” when their actions are so criminal and cruel?

  7. By the way Al, you can also include Geraldo Rivera to your sick group of bigeted, uneducated specimens you call humans. How stupid can people get???

  8. Jewish hysteria. Jews are the richest, most privileged, most influential people in America, yet to read this you’d think pogroms are just around the corner.

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