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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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The Strident Hatred of the “PC” Crowd

Dear Editor:

I didn’t have to travel to the Gaza Strip to encounter pure hatred for my beliefs. I found it yesterday (from Jews!) in a local Jewish Community Center where, for years, I’ve given a series of talks on the survival of Israel and American Jewry. I believe I happen to be the only politically conservative lecturer among about 50, who voluntarily offer their services to the JCC. This particular program was supposed to be a friendly political debate between a very progressive rabbi and me.

Those present who supported my opinions and already accustomed to the progressive views of their neighbors treated the rabbi’s outlook and statements with their usual “yawn, sit back and listen to the rant” attitude. However, during my time at the podium, the rabble of the Radical Left, could not restrain themselves and launched into stand up and shout tirades that required the program’s director to be summoned to the hall. And these were Jews foaming at the mouth against another Jew who was focusing on the Democrat Party’s abandonment of Israel and the explosion of campus and national Jew hating during and even after the eight Obama years.

There seems to be a violent, pathological loathing and scorn emanating from Progressive Jews against anyone attempting to reason with or even discuss a problem that affects…them, their children and grandkids. Talking, chatting with them or having a chair side discussion even mentioning a conservative point of view always ends up with flaming eyes, pointing of shaking fingers and of course, the end of any viable, pleasant conversation. And even sometimes, the end of relationships.

The defeat of Hillary at the hands of Trump was the tipping point of their rationality. Their dreams were shattered. Their hopes for a continuation of the Obama radical doctrine filled future were ripped apart. There is little hope that they will ever bow down to reason, sit out the next 8 years as we did and work to the growth of this nation and themselves. It will not get better. This 1930’s-like-in-Germany situation will only get worse. The solution———stay strong—resilient——knowledgeable and fight back.


Alan Bulwarky

Victim or Victor?

Dear Editor:

How can one explain that leftwing New York Jews rallied outside the Union for Reform Judaism offices last Wednesday and said Kaddish for the dead Hamas terrorists? (I wonder if they have ever said Kaddish for Jews who have been brutally murdered by Arab terrorists?)

It has been found that people subjected to abuse are inclined to blame themselves for their misfortune. What did I do wrong? Maybe if I change, my persecutors will forgive me? People who are openly committed to my annihilation are justified. We stole their land and have no right to it.

Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote: “No one, no people, has so sadly honed guilt to a finer art than we Jews. There are, invariably, those liberal Jews who instinctively feel guilty about everything……we are occupiers and conquerors, we oppress innocent people; our national soul is being corroded; we are above all, guilty”.

It is very clear that the Gaza/Gush Katif experiment is a total failure. We see what Israel got in return for giving the Arabs Gaza: murdered Jews; Hamas dedicated to Israel’s destruction; thousands of rockets bombarding Israel; hatred of the Jews embedded in the hearts and minds of every Arab; billions of dollars diverted to building tunnels and buying weapons rather than used for building an economic, free society. “Land for Peace” is really “Land for Pieces (of Israel)”.

Those leftwing Jews who said Kaddish for the dead Hamas terrorists are pathetic, self-loathing, arrogant, and ignorant specimens who prefer to view the existence of Israel being born in sin. Ignore all the wars dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State and the killing of Jews. Ignore the fact that a Palestinian State will be a terrorist state. Ignore the fact that there is no such thing as a democratic Arab state.

The days of Jewish ‘victimhood’ are over. Jews have every right to the land of Israel. Stand up and be proud of our victorious, brave Israel.


Charlie Bernhaut

“March for Our Lives” reeks of Totalitarianism & Brainwashing

Dear Editor:

The recent “March For Our lives” was nothing but hard-core totalitarianism in disguise as gun control. The main stream media would like you to believe that a bunch of children magically orchestrated this huge nation-wide march and we should so thrilled our youth did this all by themselves. It was not until after the event we learned billionaire leftist celebrities and leftist non profits set the entire thing up. From day one, it was “astro turf”, with CNN grooming, coaching and giving hours of free airtime to the High School anti-gun “hero”, David Hogg. David Hogg is connected; incidentally his father worked for the FBI and Hogg appeared on CNN months before in an unrelated interview. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this kid has connections! You can not dare question, critique or mock Hogg; talk show host Laura Ingram dared to insult him, the hard left instantly began a boycott. Just the other day talk show host on KTFK Jamie Allman, was fired for making an off-color joke about Hogg. People in the public eye, who put themselves out there, are usually subject to these kind of things, not Hogg who is the face of the totalitarian left’s desire to disarm the public. From the way Hogg is treated to the way the hard left have trained and used these kids, it reeks of totalitarianism. You have seen the youth been used for political purposes all thru the 20th century, Hitler youth, Mao’s Red Guards, etc. Is this an extreme comparison? Hardly. What they are doing is extreme. This has nothing to do with common sense “gun control” , if you looked closely at the march participants… yes some were calling for “sensible gun control”, but also on display were signs insulting older Americans & signs calling for total disarming of the population. Hogg actually was calling for “revolution” right there in DC during the rally. With his hand held up in the air in anger at rage against older Americans who still value the constitution. This has nothing to do with saving lives or violence. The gun grabbers, never once mentioned the failures of the FBI and law enforcement in Florida on that horrible afternoon, it was all about AR-15, and gun grabbing. Even though we know in cities like London & Chicago , strict gin control does not stop violence and murder, the “March for our lifers” do not see it that way. They think they know best, and sadly these kids are being used for more sinister purposes. The first step to totalitarianism is disarming the public. Don’t say I did not warn you.


J. Richardson


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  1. I am so disgusted with the Jews who said Kaddish for the Hamas terrorists. Reform Judaism is a joke. It is not even Jewish anymore. In my city, the Reform shul has MEN saying Shabbat prayer that is sacred for WOMEN. They play games at Passover. It is a joke, a pretend-religion.

    There is nothing more heinous than Jews who go against Jews. And this sicko LGBT movement is PROMOTED OUTRIGHT by synagogues now. What happened to keeping your sexuality PRIVATE? As a Jew, I find the new 200 kinds of UNSCIENTIFIC genders STUPID. And for synagogues to PROMOTE how they WELCOME the pretend-genders while they NEVER EVER EVER promote welcoming to regular, straight Jews, older Jews, Jews with fixed incomes…..Judaism has gone nuts and then the Jewish orgs wonder why people stay away from shul.

    THIS IS WHY. And do these rat-Jews realize that the LGBTQ/gay movements HATE JEWS? That they kicked out lesbian Jews from a march?

    KAHANE WAS RiGHT. I think that Jews who warp Judaism, go out of their way to welcome made up gender people while ignoring normal Jews, Jews who say KADDISH for muslims whose only agenda is to MURDER US and wipe all of Israel off the map, are LOWEST OF THE LOW. I think The Union of Reform Judaism should be renamed to: The Union of New Hitlers and be shunned by every Jew not of this ilk.

    BEN ZONAS, all of them.

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