Latest News for 4/22/2018 from The Jewish Voice


ISIS Threatens “Satanic” Hollywood, CNN, Universal Studios

      ISIS supporters in Indonesia  circulated posters online warning that Satan is behind the American financial system as well as media and entertainment, threatening to attack a handful of entities. The posters display  a devilish figure looming over several icons in flames: the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, Universal Studios Hollywood, CNN, NATO Allied Command Transformation and NASA, along with the reverse of the Great Seal on the U.S. dollar bill, PJ media reported.

     White Sox Pitcher Suffers Brain Hemorrhage During Game

     Chicago White Sox relief pitcher  Danny Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage while in the dugout during a game Friday night, and is in stable but critical condition, FOX sports reported.  Farquhar pitched in the 6th inning and retired two batters, before heading to the dugout and passing out. The White Sox announced Saturday that additional testing revealed the brain hemorrhage caused by a ruptured aneurysm

                      Irvine Man Charged With Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes, Had List of Jews He wanted to Kill

      An  California  teacher was charged with hate crimes for threatening to kill Jewish people and possessing anti-Semitic literature and ammunition, CBS Los Angeles reported.  Nicholas Rose, 26, was charged in court Thursday with attempted criminal threats, violation of civil rights and the sentencing enhancement of a hate crime, which carries a 6-year, 6-month sentence; a family member contacted the police after learning of his plans.

When police investigated  they discovered  .22 ammunition, anti-Semitic literature, “kill lists” of prominent Jews in the community and entertainment industry, a list of steps he allegedly called “Killing My First Jew”, CBS reported

      Brooklyn Postal Worker Failed To Deliver Over 17,000 Pieces of Mail

     A postal worker in Brooklyn who became “overwhelmed” by his job was charged with violating federal law after 17,000 pieces of undelivered mail were discovered in his car, home and work locker, Fortune reported.

Aleksey Germash, who lives in Brooklyn and worked for the borough’s Dyker Heights Post Office, is quoted in a criminal complaint saying that “he was overwhelmed by the amount of mail that he had to deliver” but “made sure to deliver the important mail”.  Authorities  found about 10,000 pieces of mail in his car, 6,000 pieces in his apartment and 1,000 in his work locker, some dating as far back as 2005, according to the complaint.



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