DOT Plan Spells Economic Massacre for Kings Highway - The Jewish Voice
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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

DOT Plan Spells Economic Massacre for Kings Highway

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As many of our readers may be aware, the Metropolitan Transit Authority in conjunction with the Department of Transportation has crafted plans to implement a Selective Bus Service (SBS) route on the B82 Kings Highway route. According to DOT and MTA spokespeople, the plan has been in the production phase for the last several years and is ostensibly designed to expedite the normally slow route and help in making it way more efficient for the thousands of riders who use it on a daily basis.

On the surface, that line of thinking may smack of common sense, however upon closer examination, it clearly appears that this SBS plan will undoubtedly create an economically disastrous situation for the thousand retail businesses that line both sides of Kings Highway – especially from Ocean Avenue to McDonald Avenue.

Kings Highway has always been a vital and critically paramount commercial lifeline for Brooklyn residents. Since the turn of the 20th century and beyond, Kings Highway has been an invaluable shopping drag. Studies conducted by media outlets reveal that the lion’s share of shoppers have expressed their angst at the abysmal lack of parking in the Kings Highway area – making it the main obstacle for them in patronizing the businesses that are located there.

The SBS option would repurpose 134 parking spots for bus lanes that will be in effect on weekdays from 7 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 7 pm. But rather than easing traffic congestion, the establishment of an SBS route would create even more chaos on this heavily used thoroughfare.

As anyone who has shopped on Kings Highway is cognizant of, these time periods of the day are absolutely essential for drivers who are employed and can only afford to complete their shopping tasks either before they leave for work or immediately after they arrive home. In addition, parents who need to shop for their children will find themselves in a nightmarish position as they desperately search for non-existent parking subsequent to their children’s release from school.

And most importantly, it is clear that such an ill advised plan proposed by the DOT will create an irrevocable financial calamity for the owners of the retail shops that have come to define the glorious legacy of Kings Highway. Plainly put, if customers cannot find parking, they cannot shop and if they cannot shop on Kings Highway, they can simply stay in their vehicles and travel elsewhere for their shopping needs.

As we have reported, an impressive array of elected officials have vociferously voiced their strong objections to this potential economic massacre of businesses, banks and schools along Kings Highway. Adding their voices of opposition from their respective constituents to the proposed Kings Highway SBS are Republican State Senator Marty Golden, State Senator Simcha Felder, City Councilman Mark Treyger, Councilman Chaim Deutsch, Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz.

We exhort our readers, both near and far, to join them in expressing your distaste for this targeted hit on our beloved neighborhood businesses that have sustained and supported our communities for decades.

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  1. Take a look at the actual statistics. Any of them, really. The fact is that less than half of Brooklyn residents travel by car. It’s closer to 30%, actually. Look it up. The vast majority travel by transit and walking, and that’s even more true for shopping (vs. commuting.) Our standard bus routes are falling apart, for many reasons, including congestion. SBS is a vast improvement, proven by their huge popularity with riders (look it up, people love it) that boosts ridership, which means more shoppers for this corridor, not less. And by shifting people (and road space) to a more efficient mode of transport, it improves congestion. It makes things better for everyone, including those in private cars. You’re doing a huge disservice to the majority of your constituents by catering to the elite minority that can afford a car in this city. The working majority are too busy trying to make ends meet to pester you with letters, but they take the bus. And they vote.

    • This posting might be accurate as to car ownership statistics but is completely irrelevant to the economy and neighborhood that this bus route will impact.
      These are specific, specialized retailers that accommodate a designated market population that seek out this neighborhood.
      Furthermore, in order to replace the parking that is being eliminated on Kings Highway, they are instituting metered parking in front of private houses for two avenue in either direction from Kings Highway.
      So, one will have to park 3 avenues away or more from their homes.

  2. But… 134 parking spots are generally for ONE VEHICLE, these buses usually have 30+ people on board EVERY TIME IT PASSES and during those rush hours, it runs approx. 14 times per hour (according to the MTA schedules).

    Not sure how or why people hate making public transportation better and more effective for more people.

    MASS TRANSIT IS THE FUTURE… not single occupancy vehicles!

  3. Removing the parking will DEVASTATING TO BUSINESS you just need more enforcement police presents to keep traffic moving smoothly and the bus stops clear. the lights more sequenced

  4. The great majority of shoppers don’t use their cars to go shopping there; and the buses’s speed is about the pace if five miles per hour.
    The ststus quo is not an option

  5. Just replace the lost parking spots with equivalent quantities of metered parking on side streets. The few people who drive to these businesses can use those spots. More people on buses = more customers.

  6. If all the politicians you mentioned had to travel by bus like the majority of us, they would be begging Cuomo’s MTA and De Blasio’s DOT for Select Bus Service. And SBS would have been implemented years ago.

    Buses filled with riders shouldn’t have to wait in traffic jams. When Cuomo’s MTA can’t build new subways in Brooklyn, SBS is the next best thing. Please don’t ruin this for us bus riders.

  7. What about all the Brooklyn parents who have been successfully shopping, running errands on Kings Highway, and raising successful Brooklyn children without owning a car? Not to boast, but we’ve been doing it since the 1700s.

    Come join us on the B82. Sometimes we take cabs, sometimes we walk or bike, and sometimes we even drive. But to assume that parents must drive everywhere is naive. It doesn’t make economic sense.

    Making the B82 faster and more reliable with SBS lanes will let us spend more time with our families. If the bus is a reliable option for getting our errands done, then more people will use it and it will be a great success.

  8. Wait, it’s a good thing to have the support of Marty Golden, who pretends that he is still a cop and threatens to physically harm and/or arrest a cyclist for the crime of riding a bike in a bike lane while he is trying to drive his car through it?

    And it’s good to have the support of Simcha Felder, who can’t even be honest to what party he belongs to? He runs on the democratic ticket but then does everything with the Republicans, including giving thme power to run the State Senate?

  9. With all these new implanted so called wonderful ideas, they are slowly ruining Brooklyn, little by little, this plan is so horrible, and so unfair to so many!!!!!

    • It can only make Brooklyn better considering that the streets in Brooklyn have been (for decades!) a parking war zone.

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