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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Taking on Terror Attacks in Israel

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More Israelis killed by Palestinians with no end in sight. Why should they stop terrorizing and killing Jews? If they should die (gloriously) in the act, the better for them to go to Allah-land and be pampered by 72 virgins. Crime does continue to pay for these primitives. For the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the related Palestinian Authority, the killers of Jewish Israelis are considered “martyrs”. Their beloved families still will get fortunes from the grants in aid from America, and their neighbors will erect new street and boulevard signs dedicated in their names for the service they have done for the Palestinian cause. No incentive to cease and desist in Palestine from their Koranic inspired acts of terror.

This weekend, two Israeli soldiers were intentionally killed by a car and another Jew was stabbed to death. Any of the perpetrators captured alive would have to be put on trial, convicted and then sent to prison until their release in exchange for Jewish hostages. That’s the usual scenario. And it has to stop. Palestinians and other Arabs consider their families to be gifts to them from Allah. And they owe their communities the loyalty demanded of them through their clan worship. These two areas are their points of vulnerability and ones Israeli courts and their military should consider as useful to try to put an end to more slaughter of innocent Israeli Jews. We are not requesting, but demanding that the forces that be in Israel commit themselves to put a stop to this veritable never ending scenario of hate-terror killings by making the loved ones and the villages of the murderers and their held responsible for the tragedies inflicted.

The villages or communities from which they came would be immediately cordoned off, the residents given 24 hours to collect their most precious items and then trucked to an area controlled by other Palestinians and dropped off to resume their lives, never again to be permitted entry into Israeli territory for work or other purposes. In effect changing their lives for the worse, forever. Harsh, yes. But if that’s what’s necessary for the protection of Jewish lives, it must be done. There will be howling and protestations from all corners of the world, even from within the 50 states of ours. But, something must be done. For 70 years, Israelis have cowered in fear of being slaughtered by their Palestinian “neighbors.” The time is now to put an end to this rational fear. Let’s just say, “It takes a Palestinian village”

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  1. How can we expect inhumans to value any kind of life when they don’t value the lives of their own children. The cowards sending their own children to be killed. Why don’t they strap the bombs around their own waists and set them off???

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