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Friday, August 19, 2022

Standing Up to Farrakhan’s Followers

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What’s with our supposed Jewish “leaders” that they continue to forge ahead with their fantasy that talking to, foruming with and bending over backwards to radical Muslims will finally convince these followers of Allah to accept Jews and other infidels as equals? Why must these un-elected big cheeses get the limelight on stages with huge audiences, chatting with Jew haters, while ordinary Jews find it necessary to hide in bomb shelters, hire armed guards to patrol their synagogues and cringe at the threats directed at them from neighborhood imams? Isn’t it time that we all come to the conclusion that within our own United States there is no movement on the part of the organized Muslim community to reach out to the outstretched hands of rabbis and cowardly Jewish community leaders begging them to form bonds of friendship and acceptance?

Case in point; a dialogue among liberal Christians, liberal Jews and a single hard-core Muslim that will take place in Boca Raton this coming week. A rabbi representing the American Jewish Committee, which already is meeting on its own with radical Muslim groups and a rabbi with ties to J Street will meet with and most likely be told by the handpicked female Muslim Chaplain, Tahera Ahmad, that Muslims really do like Jews except that the big, bad Israelis are causing her people to sometimes fight back… defense. You can be sure that apologies will flow jet-stream-fast, one way across the stage.

The Muslim spokesperson,Tahera Ahmad, has ties to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS), all heavily Muslim Brotherhood related, where she shared the podium with such prominent radical Brotherhood leaders as Tariq Ramadan and Jamal Badawi. Look these guys, ISNA, the MAS and CAIR up and see how they view Jews.

Let the infidel representatives, in front of an audience, mostly ignorant of Islam, ask Ahmadi about the doctrine of abrogation in the Koran. That’s where newer hateful verses in the so-called Medina Koran replace the older, more peaceful ones in the Meccan Koran. Friendship with Jews and Christians were wiped out by newer phrases calling for hate, murder and throat slitting. Let them ask Ms. Ahmadi about the Koranic command of Taqqiya, meaning to lie to the infidels whenever necessary to overcome them. She might even do it in front of them without them knowing.

No doubt about the outcome of this session of nonsense talk. The Islamist lady is well trained to make the audience kvell at her charm and elegance. The guys on the stage may even offer to bless her and her people.


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