Enough Partisan Hypocrisy

This past Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Trump to continue to solidify the increasing positive relationship between their two countries

There’s enough Radical, Left Wing hypocrisy floating around our country these days to stuff a trainload of “My Pillows.” Let’s start with one of our favorite spreaders of such lunacy-bias, Senator Chuckie-Boy Schumer, who recently let his anti-white racism float to the top with his comments that he would not vote to confirm a Trump nominee for a federal judgeship who, although eminently qualified, happens to be white, because, “It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents.” Meaning, of course, that Schumer wants to put in place a percentage quota system similar to the ones that Jews long suffered under during the time his mentor, Senator Robert Byrd, a former KKK Grand Dragon, reigned supreme in that chamber. But this time to be used against ………whites.

We would also choose to alert Chuck to the slippery slope he’s treading on relating people and jobs with their population percentages. Is he aware that he’s placing his own secure-for-life position on the line to be questioned regarding categorizing people according to their race, religion and perhaps even, height and weight? Let’s throw some figures at him regarding his recent statement that those in government must “look a lot more like the America it represents.” He should gaze into his shaving mirror and note that Jews make up a little over 2% of the U.S. population, yet Jews make up 33% of the Supreme Court, 10% of the Senate and 7% of the House. Will we hear his words to the effect of imposing a percentage quota for Jews in these positions? Don’t hold your breath!

And we note that Chuck is a basketball fan. So much so, that he rooted and legislated for his home borough to have its own NBA team, the Brooklyn Nets. But staring at a recent photo of that club it’s obvious that the team’s “starting five” are all black. Going to a recent survey of the ethnicity of that league, records indicate that over 80% of professional basketball players are black. Yet blacks constitute just about 12% of the nation’s citizenry. Should not these numbers cause Schumer to take legislative action and call for the NBA to voluntarily staff their teams according to the national racial-census figures? They might even include a Jew or two.

So it’s clear that the Radical Left has its eyes on Whites to take them down a notch; to impose on them a bit of self hatred and punishment. Sadly, the White Liberal Establishment is playing with fire and the first to be burned with this new form of racism will be those who would be first to light the match. So we suggest to Chuckie-Boy that he skip over to Barney’s and get their latest fashion in asbestos gloves. He’ll need them.