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2018 Oscars Get Abysmally Low TV Ratings; Politics Cited

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The 90th Annual Academy award was an unmitigated disaster. The decision to bring back one of the most polarizing figures of late night TV Jimmy Kimmel was not very wise. The ratings tanked, Kimmel bombed and the Red Carpet award show on E! was an embarrassment.

The 90th Academy Awards on Sunday drew an average 26.5 million viewers, making it the lowest rated Academy Awards show ever, as per Variety

It’s a nearly 20% drop from last year’s telecast, which brought in roughly 33 million viewers.

Several factors can be contributed to these horrible numbers. First the movies nominated for Best Picture were not very popular films to begin with. Seven of the nine films nominated for best picture averaged just $47 million at the box office, which means only about 5 million people saw them, according to Breitbart News. Second, Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel has turned late night television into a seminar for liberal policies. Traditionally hosts like Johnny Carson and David Letterman kept late night TV fun, light and entertaining. Kimmel, on the other hand discusses gun control and socialized medicine in his monologues frequently. Those who want political discussion have a wealth of programs already.

To Kimmel’s credit he only mentioned the president four times. This year was more about, diversity, equality and inclusion. Still, this is not what large swaths of people tune into awards shows for. This year was not the Anti-Trump fest that 2017, however it may have been too late to win those people who actually voted Trump into office back to the TV for the Oscars.

The big hypocrisy of the Academy Awards was the anti- 2nd amendment sentiment. Many stars wore gun control lapel pins. The orange lapel pins on the red carpet and during tonight’s ceremony in support of gun control were from the Michael Bloomberg-founded gun control advocacy group “Every town for Gun Safety”. As Breitbart pointed out, the Academy Awards show was protected by over 500 fully armed LAPD officers. Many potential viewers do not appreciate the irony of celebrities quick to support the erosion of the “little guy’s” 2nd amendment rights, as they are flanked by an army of police for protection. Celebrities who are removed from the everyday person; do not understand how many think.

The Ryan Seacrest red carpet interview show on E! was an embarrassment. You have to wonder why they kept him as host. Seacrest was accused by his former personal assistant at the entertainment cable channel (E!) of years of sexual harassment. It is no shock only 21 celebs stopped to speak to him, while they swarmed around the ABC hosts, also doing a red carpet interview show.

Several celebrities also gave support for illegal immigration. When presenting one award, actors Kumail Nanjiani and Lupita Nyong’o told America’s illegal immigrants, “We stand with you.” Lastly, rapper “Common” preformed at the Oscars giving a rap about “Dreamers” and gun control. These are the things that make audiences disappear

By Austin Myers


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