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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Iranian Grip on Israel Tightens

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Let us again blow the warning shofar concerning the threats to Israel from the Iranian forces and their subsidiaries now stationed all over the Middle East. An Iranian military drone originating from Syria was very recently shot down over Israel as was an Israeli jet that retaliated against the launching site. When a nation is militarily attacked it has the right and responsibility to its citizens to fight back to totally destroy the enemy and to put an end to its threats. But Israel since its formation and even today seems to be fighting one endless defensive war. It always seems to have its hands tied by international restraints and fears of going too far and losing its few supporters. Its enemies understand that Israel will never replicate the WWII allies’ “unconditional surrender” stance and to totally annihilate their foes’ forces, economy and will to fight. They have to reconsider this with their eventual conflict with Iran. Iran has no such qualms. The Koran says so.

The threats from Iran are growing daily more dangerous. Within weeks it is expected to complete the construction of roads that will connect Iran to the Mediterranean, a land route that was last seen when the ancient Persians ruled the area and that was a bit more than 2,300 years ago. Hanin Ghaddar, a Lebanese journalist has reported that, “Not only will it make it cheaper and easier to ship arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon and other Iran-controlled proxies, but it also symbolically unifies the Shiites and recreates the Persian Empire.” A stepping stone to the Muslims’ 1,400 year old desire to form a world wide Caliphate with Islam being the sole, dominating religion.

There is no doubt but that when the joint forces of Russia and Iran complete their domination of Syria, Israel will have the full might of the fanatical Iranian regime on its borders. And how long would Jordan resist the surging forces of Iranian troops pouring in from Iran controlled Iraq? Take a look at a map of that region to understand the dire threats to Israel in the upcoming months. And Israel’s still secret ally, Arabia. also shares a land border with Iraq and Iran can easily land troops in Arabia across the short width of the Persian Gulf. Once Jordan, Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria are in Iran’s grasp, Israel will be its next target. Prepare for the worst by standing up strong for Israel in your synagogues, social settings, communities and most important, at the ballot box. If your elected representative from dog catcher to president is wishy-washy about support for Israel, forget about your lifelong alliance with his or her party. Have Israel’s existence in mind when you cast your vote. Israel needs you now!

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