A Convenient “Suicide” in Argentina

Alberto Nisman

The bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association, which killed 85 Jews may have occurred in 1994 but it has not been forgotten. The case has long been marked by accusations and coverups and long been a justice seeking cause by Jews all over the world. Pope Francis in 2005 was the first public figure to sign a petition demanding justice for the victims when  the original case went down  in flames after all the “local suspects” were found innocent and the original judge was removed and impeached.  

Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman had never given up on the case and has long accused Iran of involvement, in 2006 he started connecting Hezbollah as committing the atrocity because Buenos Aries had suspended its nuclear technology transfer to Iran; even after Interpol released 6 names of Iranian suspects in 2007, no arrests were made.

In January 2015 the prosecutor was ready to present evidence which would implicate the president of a cover up to Parliament.  Nisman had prepared a 300-page complaint accusing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman and other political figures of “covering up” Iranian citizens allegedly involved in the 1994 attack. Nisman said his accusations were based on phone taps on close political allies of Kirshner, who he said conspired to negotiate with Hezbollah and Iran itself. After years of working on the prosecution, Nisman was found dead hours before he was set to present Argentina’s Parliament with his case.

Hours after the death President Kirshner’s secretary immediately declared his death a suicide.  How convenient, this reads like something out of a movie or work of fiction.

     Why would someone who worked years on a case kill himself hours before his work was to be examined by Parliament? In December of 2015, new president of Argentina Mauricio Macri pledged that the truth would be exposed, and the quest for truth has moved ahead at a steady pace.

    Last Tuesday in a 656-page opinion, Argentine federal judge Julián Ercolini ruled that “the death of Prosecutor Nisman was not a suicide, and was brought about by a third party and in a painful manner”. He charged Nisman’s aide as an accessory to murder.  Nissman may be dead but justice is being served.  Nisman is a hero and president Marci is a man of honor.

Former President Kirshner has been indicted on treason charges earlier this month and she has been granted immunity since she is a current senator in Argentina. However, her former foreign minister, Héctor Timerman is under house arrest. We have not heard the last of the AIMA bombing of 2004. We are one step closer to justice for the victims and their families.  The piles of evidence may finally lead to Tehran after all.



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