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Brits Wake Up on Hezbollah Terror

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The Great Britain we have known has never been considered friendly to Israel, its defense nor its future. Their attitude was one of open hostility in its own chambers and in the UN. But, perhaps there is a light shining through the dismal London fog. A group called the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI), a pro-Israel lobby group, working within the Labour Party has been pushing the House of Commons to discuss a total ban on Hezbollah in coming weeks. The incredible situation in the UK is that currently British law blacklists only Hezbollah’s “military wing” and not its “political wing.” Explain that! During WWII they never distinguished between military and political Nazis. All Nazis were the enemy to be either locked up or killed on the battlefield. And that’s how we won the war. No discussion there. And the Brits have much to worry about, since their Muslim population has more than doubled in 10 years to be currently over 3 million or 5% of their residents. They now must face up to the same terror threats from Islamists as Israel does. We hope their pea soup blows out to sea.

But what about our own country? Our current government’s leaders openly recognize the entire Hezbollah organization to be a pro-Iranian militia that has now proliferated from its base in Lebanon to contaminate, with its terror, South and Central America and through illegal immigration, our own country. This administration recognizes that there is an “Iran Threat Network” that is infiltrating our country from our porous southern border. A joint FBI-NYPD investigation recently arrested two members of the Islamic Jihad Organization, a wing of Hezbollah who were surveilling potential bombing targets in NYC. Their home base was in South America. According to Nicholas Rasmussen, the director of our National Counterterrorism Center, “We have and will continue to monitor closely Hezbollah activity around the world and work aggressively with local law enforcement to disrupt any instances of Hezbollah operating within our borders.”

Evidently the Trump administration is taking seriously the dangers to our democracy and freedoms from organizations spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) among other such dangerous groups. The leaders of both parties must come together to understand that terrorists of the Muslim persuasion have a mission inspired by their religion to either kill, convert to Islam or enslave infidels. This is their passion. And we must counter it with actions that reflect our love for country, one another and all future generations. Good luck to us and the Brits!


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