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Bravo to Guatemala for J’slm Embassy Move

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You’ve got to hand it to these nations, while small in size but international powerhouses of moral integrity such as Guatemala, Honduras, Palau, Togo, Nauru and The Marshall Islands, who all voted with the U.S. and Israel to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 128 other nations, all who are quick to shout out for “human rights, liberty, freedom and democracy,” supported the Palestinians, who with blood smeared knife holding hands and garbed with tightly wrapped body vests stuffed with explosives, smugly call for their proposed nation to “share” that holy city with Israel while at the same time call for that Jewish state to be “swept into the sea” and for all Jews around the world to be annihilated.

Yessirree, the World War II champions of democracy, such as Germany and Italy, together with the nations we freed from the Nazis at the cost of nearly 600,000 precious American lives, such as France, Belgium, Denmark and Holland look kindly at the Muslims who wreak havoc in their nations on a daily basis. And throw in England, who without our help, would now be goose stepping and reading Mein Kampf at Oxford, supports those same ideals that promote terror in their streets and clubs. Crazy but that’s how the world is now geared…once again comfortable in its Jew hating.

But let’s not let our own Jewish people off the hook. Let’s examine the words from Rabbi Rick Jacobs who leads the massive Union for Reform Judaism, who said that the White House should not undermine efforts toward making peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians by “making unilateral decisions that are all but certain to exacerbate the conflict.” We get it. It’s only been going on 25 years since the Oslo Accords and would Jacobs please list, one by one, the proposals for peace coming from either Arafat or Abbas? And another list, please, from the Israeli PM’s.

Another JINO, Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Soros controlled ADL chimed in: “And yet this important and long overdue step should not preclude the imperative of peace negotiations – including discussions over the final status of Jerusalem.” Hold the phone, Jon! Are you calling for the sharing of Jerusalem with a nation not now in existence? Are you advocating that Jerusalem be shared with the likes of Mahmoud Abbas who has recently called for “Jewish blood to run in the streets of Jerusalem?” If so, you, Jacobs and the other half-hearted Israel supporting folks, please hold hands and take a walk along the Long Island Expressway…after dark.

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