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Monday, August 8, 2022

Trump’s Accomplishments Heralded

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The appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch

Very frankly, we are sick and tired of the piles of bubkis concerning the “failures” of the Trump administration that are growing higher and higher with each Leftist Fake News Day. So we’ll get right to the point and give our readers a short list of DJT’s accomplishments in only 7 sitting months of his presidency. And all of it consummated with some of his own party’s defiance and total Democrat resistance and obstruction. Here they are, short and sweet. He’s responsible for:

1) The appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch

2) Standing up to North Korea and having China do the dirty work to squelch their threats to us

3) Causing illegal immigration to drop down 70% from the figures of the Obama years

4) Pulling out of the lopsided Paris Accords

5) The Veterans’ Administration now being able to fire bad employees

6) Creating over 600,000 new well paying jobs

7) The stock market achieving its greatest boom year

8) Coal mining to once again flourish with tens of thousands of new jobs in that area

9) NATO nations caving in and increasing their spending by over 4.3%

10) The travel ban from the six most terrorist supporting countries being reinstated

11) Creating a commission for opioids addiction

12) The violent MS13 gang of mainly illegal gangsters being targeted…finally

13) $600 million being cut from our UN peacekeeping budget

14) Creating a commission on child trafficking and voter fraud

15) States now being permitted to administer drug testing for their unemployment recipients

16) NASA now focusing on space exploration, not on aiding Muslim nations on missile technology

17) Forcing through an historic black College University initiative

18) Reversing the Dodd-Frank law

19) Stopping companies from moving out of the USA

20) Cutting the throttling business regulations in order to encourage the growth of small firms

21) Cutting $22 million by reducing the White House payroll

22) Signing an executive order to promote energy independence and economic growth

23) Giving all federal departments 6 months to trim the fat, restructure and improve their efficiency

In short, President Trump, notwithstanding the total roadblock against his policies from the Democrats aided by some Anti-Trumper members of his own party, has accomplished what no other president before him has ever done in only seven short months. We wish him good health, success and well being during his next forty one months in office.

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