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Think Again Mr. Mayor !!

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Guess what? Our Mayor, Bill deBlasio is tinkering with the idea of running for the presidency. Has he really thought out this move? Is he getting his political advice from those silly sycophants surrounding him whose jobs are to constantly inflate his already huge six foot five ego? No matter how mostly disregarded he is by those in the Big Apple, he is barely known beyond the Hudson River. And right within his own state he must overcome the presidential ambitions of party mates Governor Cuomo and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who both are now poised to run for the top seat in the nation and are accumulating huge war chests to fuel their ambitions. Add to these obvious deterrents is the fact that no mayor has ever jumped directly from a City Hall to the White House. Obstacles galore for “Little d.” 

Hillary made the mistake of assuming the big cities with their huge populations of blacks, Hispanics, blue collar union workers and Progressives would give her the support she needed to win in 2016. She thought she would coast to victory. The fake news MSM was spurting out polls that showed she was a shoe-in. Wrong! Many former blue states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin opted to side with and vote for the law and order and job creator candidate. De Blasio is not known for either. Forget his being the candidate supported by police, the law enforcement community or their families. He is not their cup of tea. 

Earlier this year, deBlasio infuriated the NYPD and the entire city by jetting off to address the G-20 Summit in Hamburg while the body of Police Officer Miosotis Familia was being prepared for burial. At the funeral, most of the NYPD and their brothers and sisters in attendance from out of town turned their backs on him as he delivered his worthless eulogy. He was initially given that never before done, “Give him our backs” treatment back in 2014 at the funerals of police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Throw in his illegal honeymoon travel to Castro’s Cuba and the antagonism that still generates among the Florida Cuban community. They are a major voting bloc in the state that has 29 Electoral College votes.  

DeBlasio may think because of his two overwhelming victories in NYC that he is presidential timber. But John Lindsay in 1972 and Rudy Giuliani in 2008 were taught a lesson. They were both failures. He must ignore his inner circle of “tuchis leckers” and take into consideration that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both still bouncing around the political circuit and pumping up the Progessives for sure runs for the Oval Office. DeBlasio may think he’s a big guy within the city limits but around the country he will be dismissed as a small fry.

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