Are Yesterday’s Heroes Today’s Villains?


So we now observe that the frenzy created in Charlottesville by the clash of Right Wing Nazis thugs with Left Wing hoodlums has quickly morphed into a crusade to cleanse America of its Civil War and wildly racist past. Communities, churches, universities and cities are now in sort of a scorecard frenzy to see which could take down the most statues of Confederate generals and leaders, rename streets, schools and buildings to cleanse themselves from what they consider, the bigotry and hatred represented by the South before and during the Civil War. 

We here in NYC seem to have acquired this virus big time. Mayor DeBlasio and some lesser city “leaders” have scanned the city’s thoroughfares hunting for any and all monuments dedicated to Southern war heroes. These Sherlocks uncovered heretofore unnoticed busts of Generals Lee and Stonewall Jackson at Bronx Community College where students, too busy studying for their spelling and multiplication tests, never ever noticed them. Not to be outdone, some politicos have even unearthed a statue of a doctor who began the modern study of gynecology and want that taken down because he tried out his techniques on black women slaves hundreds of years ago. But, the hunt for purity and righteousness goes on.

The Christopher Columbus statue sitting right smack in, you guessed it, Columbus Circle may be on the demo list. Forget that without his explorations, who knows where we and the world would be today? But, hold on….what about Columbus Avenue? Will its street signs be changed to…. Rev. Al Sharpton Avenue? Or how about Rev. Jeremiah Wright Boulevard? And what about this guy Henry Hudson who once punched a time clock for the Dutch East India Company which used his reports of his explorations to settle and ferry slaves across the Atlantic to North America? Because of his relationship with these slave traders should we drain the Hudson River of its history? 

But Jews have now joined in the erase-our-history game with Shurat HaDin clamoring for Peter Stuyvesant’s name to be erased and statues of him to be removed. As director of the North American Dutch Colonies back over 360 years ago he discriminated against Jews and Catholics. He called on Jews, “to depart” the colony. He called them, “the deceitful race “ and he would not allow them to “further infect and trouble this new colony.” No synagogues were permitted to be built under his governorship. So let’s, as Jews, start making lists in order to expunge Old Pegleg’s name from Stuyvesant High School, Stuyvesant Town, the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, Stuyvesant Square and Stuyvesant Street. 

When will this lunacy end? Who will be next? Yesterday’s heroes are today’s villains. 


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