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Alt-Left = Alt-Right

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Dear Editor

Last night I posted my support for Trump on a site that I did not realize was extremely to the left or liberal. A few lessons learned: The liberals on the site will never accept Mr. Trump no matter what he says. This morning, listening to the TV news, all I heard was criticism of the president.

As you know, I am a product of the Holocaust, having lost most of my family including two siblings to the Nazi murderers. Those on this vicious liberal site were told this by me, yet they called me horrible names including Nazi and Hitler lover and said that Hitler should have murdered me too. They said with Mr. Trump in office all the Jews will be sent to gas chambers. In the eighties Rabbi Kahane, ztk’l and I appeared on numerous TV shows debating and denouncing the KKK, skinheads, neo-Nazis and other anti-Semites.

Today it is not easy to distinguish the alt-left from the alt-right. The left also contains many who are anti-Semitic but camouflage it in their liberal rhetoric. I would like the opportunity as I did in the eighties and nineties to debate both sides and let the truth come out. I need your help. Please reach out to the media requesting that I be invited to speak.


Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

The Media War on Trump

Dear Editor:

The head honchos in the hardened bunkered war rooms of MSNBC, CBS, CNN, ABC NPR, PBS, the NYT, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune and on and on, are not uniformed nor do they wear military eagles or stars on their jackets, yet they are the planners of the battle plan and the campaigners to defeat and bring down the administration of President Trump. Sadly, these members of the media, the Fourth Estate, those who are still guaranteed their freedom of speech, to write their opinions without fear of being shut down by the government, are committing suicide by joining together, as one, with the likes of the street mobs clamoring to destroy the Constitution. Apparently unbeknownst to them, they are supporting the demagogues such as George Soros and Barack Obama who are now invisibly leading the forces of chaos and revolt throughout the land. If this revolution is successful, their voices will be silenced. It happened in Germany, Cuba, Venezuela and is clearly taking shape and form within our borders.

What makes these media giants deaf, dumb and blind to the threats to their Constitutional freedoms once the rioters, the thugs wielding homemade flame throwers, those who tear down public statues and burn down cities with the police standing idly by have destroyed our liberties? Once the Black Lives Matter, Occupy Movement, the Islamists and the Constitution bashing Marxists take over do they think they’ll be permitted to speak out with the freedoms they have now? Will anyone be able to express his or her opinions around the card table or on the golf course without being beaten, chained and hauled off to an American styled Siberia or Auschwitz for speaking out as a racist, gay basher, Islamophobe or woman hater?

Juan Williams, the Fox News pundit was tossed out of his job by NPR for speaking honestly about Muslims. Yet he is in the forefront of shutting down free speech for others by referring to Republicans as “Fascists.” Is he aware that the Democrat Party in which he proudly claims membership was the “Hate Black” party that still enslaves them with food stamps, abortions and hand outs? His Leftist buddies, were they in control of the nation (as he wants) would toss him out the window in a white-hooded moment if he ever uttered a non PC word.

We are now headed down the slippery slope to totalitarianism, fascism and one party rule and those who would suffer the most are sadly in the lead. Recall where those who initially supported Nazism and the Soviet Revolution ended up. Something about paying the penalty for not studying and learning about the past pops up in my head.


Alan Bulwarky

Supporting the Charlottesville Jewish Community

Dear Editor:

(The following in an open letter to the Charlottesville Jewish Community from the RCA)

As we usher in this Shabbat just one week after the violent and deadly racist and anti-Semitic events in your city, the members of the Rabbinical Council of America reach out to you in solidarity, support, and friendship. Elie Wiesel once said, “Jews alone are vulnerable…but Jews must not be alone.” Know that you are not alone.

While you were on the frontline of ugly manifestations of hatred and bigotry that led to death, intimidation, and fear; while there were calls to burn down your synagogue; and while you were eyewitnesses to the worst expressions of intolerance in our society, we were all under attack. When you are threatened, we are all threatened. When you are hurt, we all hurt. Know that you are not alone.

We add our voices to yours in condemning these manifestations, supporting those in political and religious leadership denouncing them, and call on all leaders and people of good will and faith to name and reject unequivocally and without qualification the views and actions of White Supremacists, neo-Nazis, the alt-right, and their supporters. We mourn with you the victims of this domestic terrorism: Heather Heyer, Lt. H. Jay Cullen, and trooper-pilot Berke M.M. Bates.

In fighting these prejudices we must learn an important lesson from the Jewish Shabbat herself:

Shabbat begins with the recitation of Kiddush, the blessing which sanctifies the holy day, and ends with Havdalah, the blessing which distinguishes the holy day that has passed from the weekday ahead. In both cases we are asked to make distinctions, distinctions between the holy and the profane, between light and darkness, and, ultimately, between good and evil. As the beauty and restfulness of this Shabbat descends on your community, we are all asked to raise our voices to distinguish between good and evil, and in so doing make our country more holy, more peaceful, and more godly for all of its people.

Rabbi Elazar Muskin, 


Rabbi Mark Dratch,

 Executive Vice President

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