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Trump’s Trip Triumphs

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In baseball terminology, President Donald Trump batted “four for four” on his recent trip that included visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Pope and the European Union leaders. Meaning that at every at bat ( meeting) with leaders in each vital area he got on base, succeeded in his attempts to show support for world peace, the cessation of Islamic terror and finally indicated  that America will no longer be willing to sacrifice its resources and young men and women in the military to bail Europe out of problems arising from their stupidity and cowardice. Coming just prior to our commemoration of Memorial Day, that message, hopefully sank in.

In Arabia, he boldly told the heads of 55 Muslim nations that they must finally end the terror caused world-wide by their co-religionists. He did not bow to any king or potentate. He laid it right on the line. He shocked them, perhaps into reality, when he used the term “Islamic terrorism” and called for members of the Muslim faith to “drive out” the violent extremists from their mosques. His message was clear. He, as president was changing the landscape of America’s tolerance and even support for Islamic terror.

In standing on holy Jewish soil in Jerusalem, he stressed the longstanding ties between the U.S. and Israel with these deep meaning words: “I make this promise to you – my administration will always stand with Israel.” Our president also talked about his visit to the Western Wall, where he said he prayed “for wisdom from God,” and his visit to the Holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem where he said that he uttered the words of Rabbi Kahane, “Never again!” He threw a well delivered punch in the jaw to Iran stating: Iran’s leaders routinely call for Israel’s destruction. Not with Donald J. Trump!” What a turn around from the stance of the philosophy and actions of BHO.

On this trip trump has sent a message to the rest of the world that the United States is on, yes, a Crusade to make this planet safe and secure for all peoples. And while he is in the White House he will use all of the power granted him by our Constitution to remake America into the nation our founders dreamed about. We wish him well.

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