Malliotakis Vows to “Take Out” De Blasio in Upcoming Mayoral Race 

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Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis has gone on the record saying that she will u201ctake outu201d Mayor De Blasio in the upcoming mayoral race.

Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis will be Mayor De Blasio’s main opponent in the upcoming Mayoral race 

Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis has gone on the record saying that she will “take out” Mayor De Blasio in the upcoming mayoral race. 

Malliotakis serves the borough of Staten Island and part of Brooklyn is particularly critical of the Mayor for his handling of Rikers Island and the Citys homelessness. She also is looking to investigate the Mayor’s spending on education. 

She was involved in a recent controversy involving her father’s immigration status, which opponents deemed was illegal in an effort to use utilize the latest sloganeering against immigrants borne of the Trump administration. 

During an interview with 970 am, Malliotakis remarked on the Mayor’s tenure. “He is spending and yet we are not seeing the results. He’s putting hundreds of millions of dollars into the public school system, into the Renewal School program, with much of that money going to contracts or consultants,” said Malliotakis. 

Malliotakis also took issue with school system reform, arguing that the Mayor has routinely allowed new parochial schools to shut down and has not done enough to open new charter schools. 

De Blasio’s plan for Riker’s was covered by the Jewish voice and will involve the shuttering of the Islands prison in favor of opening several jails throughout the city to house its inmate population. The transport of the inmate population will be a particularly daunting task. 

The Mayor has also planned to build new homeless shelters in order to combat the current epidemic of homelessness. 

Malliotakis said of the Mayor’s efforts “He’s asked he people of New York to spend more tax dollars and we’re not getting results in exchange.” she said. 

It’s too soon to tell whether Malliotakis will get her chance to vie for the Mayoral post as she must first face Paul Massey in the GOP race. 

Malliotakis ended the interview with a gusto that defied this fact, as she told listeners that “Any assistance from listeners is most appreciated as I embark to take out Mayor de Blasio.” 

The De Blasio campaign, on the other hand, is shooting down naysayers, claiming that the Mayor has a prolific record for successful reform. 

Campaign spokesman for Mayor Bill de Blasio said that “Mayor de Blasio expanded Pre-K for 70,000 4 year olds, and will do the same for every 3-year old next.” Levitan added that “Test scores are up, graduation rates are at record highs, and tens of thousands of young learners have access to quality after-school programs for the first time. That is the Mayor’s education record, and we are happy to compare it against anyone.” 

By: Svetlana Rusikaya 

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