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Letters to the Editor

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Burqa or Burkini – Who Cares??

Dear Editor:

For the first time since WW2, Jewish kids go to schools with fears of being murdered, this time however by radical Islamic terror. Heavy machine guns in front of synagogues and Jewish institutions that is the reality of French Jews today and it is not disappearing !!

Most aggressive BDS movements in Europe are operating in free will against Israel, creating a horrible climate for local Jews.

We are at 8 months of a Presidential election that can bring to power a neo-fascist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, vicious anti-Israeli candidate to power.

My friends the horizon is bleak, the Republic is in danger and with it , the Jews that live there.

More than ever, we must be very careful at the events unfolding in front of our eyes.

I am very worried.


Ron Agam

Is George Soros Destroying America?

Dear Editor:

Leave it to the non-Jewish Soros family, led by the staunch former Hungarian-Nazi George Soros, to form another faux Jewish organization to destroy not only Israel but this country as well. To J Street, The New Israel Fund and The Jewish Funds for Justice now add in Bend the Arc, run by Alexander Soros, to suck in Jews to ally themselves with radical pro-Islamic, anti-Israel and hate America groups.

This new cancer in the Jewish community has as its leader, Hadar Susskind, who has climbed up the radical organizational ladder using such steps as J Street, HIAS, COEJL, The Tides Foundation and the all powerful Jewish Council for Public Affairs which is the umbrella group for ADL, JWV, the Jewish Federations, Hadassah and a host of other Jewish groups. He has tainted all of them.

The article below in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, by Alexander is an open call for Jews to vote the Democrat line and to abandon Israel to the radical causes of his father and the radical Left, all poison to Americans of all faiths and beliefs.

Just how many “rabbis” will use this article to inculcate the “hate Israel” and “vote Hillary message” to their congregations is disturbing to say the least. Be on the lookout for sermons to reflect Soros’ manifesto. Speak out and be heard!


Alan Jamison

No Education = Ignorance

Dear Editor:

Super-Liberal former President of Princeton University Woodrow Wilson, was elected President in 1913, long before the term Liberal was conceived. From all that I’ve read, he proved to be an intellectual snob, an avowed anti-black racist and the first leader of this nation to champion the Socialist ideology. What a guy. The Russians engaged in a revolution in 1917 that saw Socialism and Communism gain power over that vast society. That ideology when translated into action by a series of tyrannical leaders in what was eventually named, The Soviet Union, proved to be totally impractical and was the first failure on a grand scale of that pipe-dream.

Innumerable political feather-brains have been mesmerized by the Socialist ideology, believing in its pipe-dream premise. A bit of education in World History would, or should, be enough to convince reasonable young people that this system simply doesn’t work. Lacking in such education, the result is a preponderance of ignorance.

Similarly, a reading of factual papers written contemporaneously about the actual proceedings and the men who founded this nation would, or should, be sufficient to convince reasonable Americans who have the slightest curiosity about the subject – that The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights are the most perfect documents ever conceived by man to effectively and fairly govern himself and all other men of good will. No education in American History? . . bad!

We live in an age when there has been a marked drop-off in the number of young people who regularly attend faith-based services thus, there are far fewer chances for people to acquire and absorb the practical and beneficial aspects of religions that teach principled, moral behavior. Once again, the result of no education is ignorance.

And finally, those who have not had the good fortune to have served in one of the branches of our United States Armed Forces, have been deprived of an education in discipline, teamwork, pride in service and love of country that can be gleaned in no other way. Without this specific experience, there is no way to fully understand what the Military is, what it does, or the vital importance of its existence. Sadly, for anyone to have missed this unique education means quite frankly, that they are more than likely to be ignorant of the full understanding of ‘Patriotism’. No education = ignorance.


Mort Kuff

Trump Will Pay the Price

Dear Editor:

Donald J. Trump will pay the price on November 8th for his arrogant and pretentious attitudes, his insults and mockery of rivals and colleagues and his presumption of infallibility. I side with Jeb Bush who called him “a jerk” and Jeb’s mom, First Lady Barbara Bush, who said “He makes me sick”. I missed seeing them at the convention.

I am one Republican who, while I agree with a few of his positions, I’ll refrain from voting for this creep because of his insolent and outlandish gestalt. He is in essence a fascist because of his belief in survival of the fittest, namely himself.

He’s boasts that only he is fit to rule because everybody else is either “a loser” or not strong, good looking or rich enough. Only he can fix our problems. Only he has the right to hide his income tax return and only he can babble endlessly about how he’ll make America great again without giving substantive details.

After his refusal to submit his tax returns, his refusal to apologize to anyone, his many bankruptcies, his fraudulence in the Trump University case and his sniggering, haughty pronouncements, it is clear he won’t do anything for the public unless it enriches him or boosts his ego. He is not and never can be a public servant in his present mindset. Aside from which he has no culture other than making deals, nothing in science, history, art, literature, languages or music.

I hope he loses on a grand scale and his son, Donald Jr. runs for Mayor of New York City. I’ll vote for him. And I’ll befriend his lovely family, given the chance. But daddy Donald, before I support him, he’ll have to absorb 100 lessons in humility, ask for forgiveness to a host of people and begin to learn how to serve others.

Ray Kestenbaum

Rego Park, NY

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