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Douglas Durst to be Gov’t Witness in Family Murder Trial

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Douglas Durst has led his family’s company, the Durst Organization, which has grown into the largest private commercial building owners in New York City.
Robert Durst has spent much time in the headlines this year after his appearance in a HBO documentary.

It is now known to the public that led by Douglas Durst and his cousin Jonathan Durst, the Durst Organization has grown into the largest private commercial building owners in New York City. The Real Deal: New York Real Estate News reported, however, that the trial of Douglas’ brother, Robert, has disturbed the good name of The Durst Organization, a family-run real estate company which has been around for nearly a century. Controversially, now Douglas is expected to assist putting his own cousin Robert “away for good.”

Next summer, 2016, Robert Durst, who is being held on gun possession charges in New Orleans, will be transferred to Los Angeles for the murder trial of Susan Berman, who was found shot in the back of her head on December 24, 2000, reports The New York Times. As such, Douglas Durst is expected to act as a witness for the prosecution. According to The New York Times, Robert was supposedly a burden for Douglas and Douglas’s immediate family.

Interestingly, the HBO documentary-series inspired by the events, “The Jinx” engages with the issue of accused murderer Robert Durst. Andrew Jarecki, the co-creator of the series said in October 2015 that by not cooperating with authorities and not sharing important information about the vanishing of Robert’s wife, “Douglas Durst and his late father Seymor Durst share responsibility in failing to prevent the deaths of two other individuals.”

Douglas Durst denied those accusations, stating that, “Up until 2001, I thought my brother was innocent. I’m going to be a witness in Los Angeles, so they don’t want me to talk too much about anything after 2001,” reports The New York Times.

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