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Schumer’s Silence is Deafening

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Senator Charles Schumer will be replacing Harry Reid as Senate minority leader and will have the influence to defeat the Iran deal if he so chooses

Pardon us for continuing to focus on our own Senator Chuck Schumer’s ominous silence on the Iranian nuclear deal. We have questioned in the recent past whether he is to be considered by the pro Israel community a shomer or a shande. That is for him to decide by his actions. And to this date his muteness on this vital issue has been mind blowing.

And it’s absolutely incomprehensible that his official site has as its lead, the fact that he has seen fit to fund the Oxbow Volunteer Fire Department in New York’s Jefferson County with $19,000. Evidently, that’s the most important issue on his mind? His most problematical responsibility? The most crucial matter at hand for him to deal with? We’re sure they deserve this grant but is this the most earth-shaking development that he is concerned about?

Mr. Schumer is no dummy. He’s a politician and any good politician’s first concern is to be aware of his constituency and their concerns. The recent demonstration against the Iranian deal, held in Times Square last week that had well over 10,000 shouting to denounce this agreement, had to have been a wakeup call for him to take a stand on this issue; either denounce it or support it. The overwhelming majority of his backers call for congress to defeat this measure by voting it down.

They look to their senior New York senator, one who will shortly be the Senate Minority Leader, replacing Harry Reid in this leadership position, to rally his troops to defeat this dangerous contract with the devil. And these people who flooded the streets of New York and those around the country who were in support of them while watching the rally on their television sets, know that the fate of not only Israel but of our own beloved country and that of the rest of the world, depends on the Obama-Kerry-Iran deal to go down the drain in Congress.

But where is Schumer? Where is this senator who has held his seat for over 17 years with the avid support of his Jewish voters? It appears that the prospects of losing his senate leadership appointment by alienating Obama has swayed him to support the deal.

But let us give the good senator a piece of advice. The citizens of the State of New York will not quietly stand by and accept his political cowardice.

And while we are on that subject, we at The Jewish Voice want to heartily congratulate the courage and wisdom of Congresswoman Grace Meng (D) who represents New York’s 6th Congressional District, and is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and its Subcommittee on the Middle East. Just last week she publicly announced her intentions to bolt her party’s line and speak out for the truth and for the future of Western civilization as we know it.

She said: “I strongly believe the world could and should have a better deal than that set forth in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which I will therefore oppose.” She added that, “the immediate sanctions relief provided Iran in the deal would incentivize the funding of terrorism and lessen Iran’s interest in restraining its nuclear ambitions over the long term.”

And for Senator Chuck Schumer, the right thing is to come out, right now to denounce this Iranian deal and to rally the Democrats in the Senate and even those who look up to his leadership who serve in the House to vote it down……right now…….today…..immediately!

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