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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Stop Obama’s Iran Deal!

Dear Editor,

Obama’s Iran deal should be stopped at all costs. We should be calling congress and all our representatives to kill this deal right now. The dear leader is giving the middle finger to Israel, the Mideast allies, the U.S.

And the world.

Huckabee’s controversial comments were spot on. Obama’s leading the Jewsto the oven door is exactly what’s being done.

Obama bypassed congress and ran right to the UN Security Council. So now Kerry’s says even if congress rejects the deal it’s noncompliance with international law so, in other words the UN trumps American congress.

With the 150 billion Obama gave the Iranians they will be able to buy and sell weapons. The Iranians are on the path to a nuclear bomb complements of the dear leader. The government is suppose to insure our safety and security, instead Obama’s schilling for the mullahs of Iran.

We are being forced into this horrendous deal, please stop it now!


Elizabeth Anders

The Iran Deal is a Game Changer

Dear Editor,

The Iran deal is a game changer. We are about to set Iran on a path to the bomb, either sooner (if they cheat) or later in ten years as the agreement allows. The agreement also provides them with a cash bonanza to continue their terrorist ways. It relieves restrictions on their acquiring ballistic missiles. Why do they need them when their only purpose is to carry nuclear warheads and they claim their nuclear program is entirely peaceful? It relieves restrictions on their capacity to obtain conventional weapons. Just this week, Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified in Congress that he had advised the President against undoing the restrictions on Iran acquiring ballistic missiles and conventional arms. What’s more, the agreement stipulates that no Americans can serve on the UN nuclear inspection teams. And, Iran will be allowed to take their own soil samples at suspected nuclear weapons sites. And if all of this is not enough, the “deal” ignores Iran’s threats to destroy Israel and chants of “death to America.” Have we lost our minds? Are we really this stupid or, at best, naive?

Let’s also look at this “deal” in the words of our own President. In mid-2013, when the U.S. began negotiating with Iran on a nuclear “deal”, the President’s position was that because of Iran’s repeated violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, our goal was that there would be no enrichment at all on Iranian territory. Then by February 2014, the position had changed to it not being realistic to expect that Iran would stop enriching uranium altogether. Another promise made by the administration was that Iran would not be permitted to stockpile uranium. That then changed to allowing them to keep only a small amount of enriched uranium. The excess would be transferred to Russia for re-processing for non-military purposes. In the end, Iran was permitted to keep some enriched uranium and re-process and sell the remaining quantity all on Iranian soil. None will go to Russia. Do we know how much they will really keep? Originally, the Administration promised that Iran’s secret enrichment facility at Qom would be dismantled and its contents destroyed. In the end, Iran got to keep over a 1,000 centrifuges in place and to continue research there on advanced enrichment using advanced centrifuges. At one point, the Administration insisted that Iran would be allowed to operate just over 5000 centrifuges at its main enrichment facility at Natanz. The other 14,000 centrifuges operating there were to be destroyed. In the end, Iran got to keep all of them. It agreed to take the 14,000 off line and store them. They can be re-installed at any time. And to this day, Iran has refused to answer questions or submit to inspections about by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to assess their past efforts to develop nuclear weapons. The Administration originally insisted that these questions be answered but later retreated. This question remains unresolved in the final agreement. Can there be any doubt that this “deal” is not the deal we were promised, that it is loaded with concessions, and that it will be a nightmare to enforce?

And what you ask is the alternative to this deal? Regrettably, the best alternative was a better deal in the first place. But that’s gone. The President insists that it is this deal or war. And yet, Chairman Dempsey in his testimony to congress last week, indicated that he has provided the President with a variety of other options that fall between this deal and war. Why do we not hear more about that from the president? It comes down to whether you trust Iran or not because we all know this promise of strong verification of their nuclear activities is a joke. Personally, I do not trust Iran or the President to keep his word.


Stephen Axel


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