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Donald Trump – He’s One of Us!!

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Donald Trump is a successful businessman who has a need to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

So, Donald is a bit brash, loud, full of himself and not too polite to the hostile press. But, don’t forget, he’s on our side. He says what’s on our mind. He body checks like an NHL defenseman, he runs over his opponents like an NFL lineman, he’s not at all like a torpedo boat on the high seas rather he’s a USS Missouri coming out with its 16 inch guns blazing. And most of all, he scares the you know what out of his Democrat opponents. Do you think that the likes of CNN’s Candy Crowley or PBS’ Jim Lehrer would even try to derail him? And he’s one of us.

Trump has re-invigorated the Republican Party. He’s not like a weary Bob Dole, like a worn out John McCain or a politenick like Mitt Romney. He’s a street fighter who has no political experience. He’s a successful (most of the time) businessman who has a need to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. He doesn’t believe in small talk. He gets to the point. He knows how to get people’s attention. He’s a combination showman and self adoring actor. And he’s one of us.

He comes out of his corner with his fists ready for a fight. He is not polite. He knows what his opponents are capable of and he lets them know he will eye gouge and hit below the belt as well and as readily as they can. He is not Mr. Nice Guy who wimps out like a Boehner or McConnell. He’s a younger, brasher, more outspoken though not as eloquent nor does he have the sense of humor or engrossing smile of a Rudy Guiliani. The Donald is a fake out. He appears to be out of his league with those around him who say nice things about their opponents and wrap their arms around throat cutters. And he’s one of us.

No, he’s not a politician. He’s straight out, in your face. He has been scarred in business yet has come out with his hand raised in victory holding the championship belt a high. He’s a proud man. He loves our country. He loves the idea of competition. He stands for the right for people compete, to show their abilities and for them to climb up the ladder of success. He is unselfish when it comes to helping others in need. And he’s one of us.

He’s not a Socialist, a Communist nor a Islamist supporter like the enemies he faces. Like those who lead our government today. He beЁlieves that all lives matter. He believes that Israel must survive. Not like his Democrat opponents. He believes that we are all created equal but that we all have the right, the opportunity and the responsibility to make it on our own. And he’s one of us.

In short, at this moment, he is fighting for what we believe in. He is making the radicals around the world quiver. And he’s doing a good job on those same enemies right here at home. And finally, he’s one of us. And don’t forget it!!!!!

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