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Sheldon Adelson Battles BDS

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The Left tilting, Israel-hater-George Soros-adoring, Jewish Daily Forward, has now incredibly set its cross hairs on a totally avowed Israel supporter, Sheldon Adelson. Although he is trying to fight the infamous Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) crowd on campus and their attempts to cripple the Jewish state, he is now their major target. In a piece published on June 4th, authored by Nathan Guttman, he attempts to demean and discredit Mr. Adelson through the writer’s frequent use of such key code words as “rightwing,” “hawkish,” and “billionaire” to describe this staunch, outright supporter of Israel. But what else do you expect from a publication that extols the invisible virtues of President Obama’s support for Israel?

Guttman attempts to malign Adelson’s gathering this past week-end in Las Vegas consisting only of ardent Israel supporting individuals and groups striving to come up with workable ideas to stop the BDS movement that is gaining ground on campuses around the nation. This vile, dangerous threat is supported by progressive and liberal “Jewish” organizations who were not invited to this event.

The writer whines about those groups who were not welcome at this summit. “Others, most notably liberal organizations, such as J Street, Ameinu and the New Israel Fund (NIF), weren’t invited.” Perhaps he doesn’t do any research on these treacherous thugs. For instance, Ameinu on May 26th had a piece on its site stating, in defense of Peace Now and other pro-Palestinian groups, that in their opinion, “.. limited boycotts of goods produced in the settlements, not in Israel proper, (are) a legitimate way to help end the occupation.” They don’t realize that their “innocent” babble about occupation and the boycott of settlement products brings Israel to its knees.

J Street, the organization funded and founded by George Soros who, by the way, was defended in a November 11, 2010 edition of The Forward for his WWII Nazi activities, actively promotes the BDS movement. J Street’s 2012 annual conference had Mustafa Barghouti, a leading Palestinian BDS supporter as one of its major speakers. In 2011, a similar convention gave the podium to BDS biggees,Rebecca Vilkomerson, Sara Bennings and Kathleen Peratis. In a J Street video of that same year, Gershon Baskin stated that he supports BDS against settlements and their (Jewish) products. We could go on and on and use up reams of paper highlighting J Street’s anti-Israel stance.

Not to be outdone in hate Israel activities, the NIF financially supports such dangerous radical groups as Breaking the Silence, Adalah, B’Tselem, and Rabbis For Human Rights, among many others that support Israel’s demise through BDS.

So, kudos to Mr. Adelson for standing up to the BDS, anti-Israel crowd by keeping the door closed to them in all of his endeavors. They are to be avoided, kept at arms length and hopefully will just disappear. They are the Trojan Horses in our communities.

It is our fervent prayer that Adelson’s group comes up with ideas to sink the BDS movement on campus. In addition we praise him and all the other Jews and non-Jews who stand up for Israel day in and day out, dodging the malevolent bullets of fabricated lies that intend to demean their pro-Israel activities…….and the Jewish people.

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