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The Jewish Voice Supports DA Dan Donovan for Congress

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On May 5th, voters in the 11th congressional district which includes Staten Island and a swath of southern Brooklyn, will have the opportunity to participate in a special election to fill the seat in congress that was vacated by Michael Grimm subsequent to his guilty plea on tax evasion charges.

The local Republican party council has taken the bold and courageous step of nominating Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan to replace Mr. Grimm in the House of Representatives.

Dan Donovan is a true “law and order” candidate who will not be just another political hack in the devolution of venalities that has plagued Staten Island for years. The people in the 11th congressional district have not been served well and have consistently received the short end of the stick. The last thing they need is yet another elected official who tenders his resignation in disgrace. Dan Donovan is the candidate who can elevate the interests of his constituency to the status they deserve rather than slaking his own avarice by lining his own pockets or pandering to special interests.

Who is Dan Donovan and why is he running for congress? Having held the position of Richmond County District Attorney since 2003, Mr. Donovan has gained a stellar reputation as a dedicated litigator who can drive a hard plea bargain. This DA is always cognizant of the fact that he holds the sacred duty that is requisite of a public servant and as such has the moral obligation to keep criminals off the streets of Staten Island. Mr. Donovan has stepped up to the proverbial plate to place to preserve, protect and defend the law and make a clear distinction between victim and criminal.

As the first Republican district attorney elected in New York City in 50 years, Mr. Donovan’s CV speaks for itself. He was elected president of the New York State District Attorneys Association (NDAA), the world’s oldest and largest professional organization representing criminal prosecutors. When he took office, the Richmond County DA office was last in New York in felony conviction rates. After his first year, they were first.

Before becoming the Richmond County DA, Mr. Donovan served as prosecutor for eight years under Manhattan District Attorney, Robert M. Morgenthau. In 1996, he then went on to serve as the Chief of Staff for then Staten Island Borough President Guy V Molinari. Then in 2002, he was appointed Deputy Borough President under James P. Molinaro.

Mr. Donovan worked closely with Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s office on any number of local issues affecting Staten Island, most prominently the closing of the well-hated Fresh Kills landfill on the island borough’s west shore.

Concerning his positions on the issues that matter most, the DA does not equivocate. In a recent press release he said, “”I have deep concerns with the flawed framework deal the United States has agreed to with Iran. The United States should not agree to any deal that lifts sanctions while allowing Iran to continue operating the core aspects of its nuclear program. This deal is too important to the safety of the American people to be negotiated unilaterally by this Administration. I continue to call for congressional oversight so the will of the people can be expressed.”

Mr. Donovan’s stalwart and vocal opposition to a dangerous deal made with Iran over its nuclear program is a welcome breath of fresh air. This is especially so for New Yorkers whose predominantly Democratic elected officials have either diligently towed the administration line of pushing the deal through at the expense of their constituents ( i.e. US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY) or, as in the politically vengeful case against Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) have been legally skewered by their own party for crafting legislation that would guarantee congressional review of the nuanced details of the deal.

As bloodthirsty and barbaric terror organizations such as ISIS continue to proliferate and become emboldened, Mr. Donovan is keenly aware that America’s elected officials must be vigilant about extolling their concerns for our safety. This is particularly the case for New Yorkers who endured and ultimately prevailed against the forces of darkness after the horrific attacks of 9/11. Mr. Donovan realizes that concrete measures must be taken to protect our shores from those who are committed to eradicate us and our democratic way of life.

Mr. Donovan said: “Nearly 15 years after the worst attack on our nation, the threat of terrorism is just as real, and New York City continues to be our enemy’s number one target. I will continue to fight to ensure we have the resources we need to be protected, regardless of party politics.”

On the municipal level, voters heading to the polls on May 5th will be happy to know that Mr. Donovan has come out strongly against the tax and spend policies of the current administration which have not improved job growth and opportunities for New Yorkers.

“Too many New Yorkers are still unemployed or underemployed. It’s time to start making the federal government more accountable. We need to cut taxes and reform the burdensome regulations that are killing jobs and economic growth,” he said.

As we take all of these positions into account and after scrupulous assessment it is clear that the very best candidate to represent the interests of the voters in New York’s 11th Congressional district is indeed Dan Donovan. As a resident of his native Staten Island he understands the multifarious concerns of those who live there. Unlike his opponent who does not even live on Staten Island, Mr. Donovan has his finger on the proverbial pulse of the people.

The Jewish Voice heartily endorses Mr. Donovan’s campaign for Congress and exhorts all those in the 11th district to send him to the House of Representatives on May 5th.

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