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Who Are the Real Agitators Behind Anti-Police Protests???

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With the support of domestic labor unions such as the SEIU, the Communications Workers of America and the United Food and Commercial Workers, Palestinian demonstrators have prominently insinuated themselves into anti-police protests in Ferguson and New York City
Both pro-Palestinian apologists and labor union members join violent anti-police demonstrators in cities throughout the country

It seems whenever there’s a radical uprising in our country, whether it’s the Peace Movement, the Occupy Protests, the Ninety Nine versus the One Percenters or any sort of racial unrest, somehow Jews and Israel always manage to be smuggled into the cause as the targets. We are somehow, magically associated with all that is wrong in this country and the world….of course by the protestors and their comrade leaders.

When the Occupy militants were in their heyday a few years ago, signs popped up calling for the liberation of Palestine. What had this social movement involving the disparity of domestic income to do with Israel? During the Anti-War protests headlining the Bush II years, Palestinian supporters, with their flags and banners prominently on display, marched alongside those waving signs calling for the end to our incursion into Iraq. And of late we’ve seen Israel bashers in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City.

Apparently, those radicals who intend to turn our nation upside down by means of stirring the pot in the streets and aided very well by the print and electronic media, seem to be infiltrated by forces calling for the destruction of Israel. They are evidently brothers and sisters under the skin. They have much in common both goal and method wise. The manipulators of the street thugs sit in offices with funding supplied to them by Russia, Iran, ISIS, Qatar and of course, our socialist dominated domestic labor unions.

The signs we see so prominently displayed at all street protests are professionally done. The marchers get paid by the hour. They are funded by the SEIU, Communications Workers of America and the United Food and Commercial Workers who lent their physical and financial support to the protesters in Ferguson and in the streets of New York City. Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO chipped in vocally and wallet wise to the rioting. The union organizations are all dominated by those who advocate the whimsical ideals of socialism to replace capitalism as the backbone of our nation’s economy. Turmoil and unrest, they hope, will overcome their weakness at the ballot box.

So where do the supporters of Palestinian terror fit in to these situations? Why are they permitted entry? They really don’t care about the internal problems of this nation. Michael Brown and Eric Garner were African Americans. Muslims despise and have slaughtered nearly millions of black African Christians over the years. Muslims are users. Their goals are invisible to the ordinary street marchers, the media and Americans. To disrupt this nation from within, to cause as much disunity as possible domestically is their ultimate objective. As we’ve seen throughout Europe, the weaknesses of nations soften the entry of parasitic-like Islam into the governments and society. They thrive wherever there is disorder and mayhem. Stable nations with viable economies are difficult for them to overturn.

Our domestic radicals are being utilized as useful idiots to those anti-Israel marchers chanting with them in the streets of this nation. Their larger numbers give safety and credibility to the Palestinian supporters whose sparse numbers would never make newspaper headlines nor prime time videos were they to walk and chorus alone. We must understand that their infiltration into these populist causes will take its toll on our government’s already weak support for Israel. We must speak out and educate our fellow Jews to the dangers of supporting any and all of these protests that are spreading like wildfire across our country. Our nation’s demise and that of Israel are the goals, whether intended or not, of these demonstrators. Beware!!!

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