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Monday, August 8, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Obama’s Legacy is ‘FAILURE’

Dear Editor,

When he is finally separated from access to the tools of power he currently wields, legal and otherwise – Obama’s legacy will more readily be seen as one of abject failure, with one exception – that being a singular accomplishment. He will have successfully placed America and all its stands for, on the road to ruin and certain destruction. At the same time, he paved the way for the lunatic hordes of blood-thirsty, radical Islam to take over and dominate the United States and the rest of world. Of course, that singular accomplishment is no small thing. Not bad, for an inexperienced, inept, paranoid, Narcissistic, arrogant, Socialist swish of a Muslim miscreant. He will no doubt, have a Presidential Library named in his honor as a repository for his trophies, loot and selected memorabilia as a part of the residue of his time in office. This follows the pattern of other recent presidents. It is my prediction that alongside multiple copies of his sickeningly ludicrous volumes of autobiographical self-praise, the only other quasi-literary item on the sapwood bookshelves will be a copy of The Guinness Book of Records – with a single name in it. Wanna take a wild guess as to whose name that’ll be?

Initiated on his watch, as the No.1 priority of his ‘singular accomplishment’, was the open door-open window policy that invited the wholesale importation of a flood of vile Muslim organizations comprised solely of radical Islamo insurgents, whose only purpose was to plant and nourish the seeds of America’s destruction. That was done and to date, is still on-going. Obama always put every Muslim in all these groups of anti-American, radical bastards, along with every single illegal alien who flaunted our immigration laws by illegally crossing our borders – before his expressed concerns for the welfare of the citizens of the United States.

To anyone who paid attention, it was clear that he never had any other objective. Nice going Mr. President. Your just reward for your successful failures, awaits you at the hands of the Divine Entity with far, far greater powers than any that exist in the hands of man, here on Earth. I devoutly hope that it is exceedingly terrible and that it is without end. And, I have full faith and confidence that it will be way, way beyond the limited horrors that my paltry imagination wants to see befall you.


Mort Kuff

Reader Feels Critique of
President Obama is Too Extreme

Dear Editor,

There are so many misrepresentations in Mort Kuff’s December 26 letter, “A Pox On Any Who Do Not Put the Welfare of the USA Above All Else,” that I feel compelled to respond to at least a few.

Mr.Kuff claims that President Obama has “traded away … our economy.” Is he not aware that Obama came into office with the US on the brink of a depression, with an average of 750,000 jobs being lost per month and that we now have had 57 consecutive months of private sector job growth, with well over ten million net new jobs created, despite consistent Republican efforts to obstruct Democratic efforts to get our economy back on track?

Mr. Kuff claims that Obama’s policies are “Socialism-inspired.” Perhaps he can explain then why he has appointed so many people from Wall Street to key posts in his administration. Considering that the Stock Market has soared during the Obama’s administration, perhaps we need more of Obama’s “socialism.”

Mr. Kuff also claims that Obama’s positions are “Muslim-driven. I wonder if he can name even one Muslim that Obama has appointed to an important position in his administration. By contrast, he appointed Jews as his chief of staff (twice), as his treasury secretary, as head of the Federal Reserve, and to the Supreme Court. Obama invited so many Jewish leaders to the White House for Chanukah that two separate parties had to be scheduled, and reports from attendees were very positive. Also, during the Obama administration, the US has consistently supported Israel at the UN and, according to Israeli strategic experts, strategic cooperation between the US and Israel has never been better.

I think it is time to end the demonizing, name calling, and wild false accusations, and instead to seek common ground and solutions to the major problems that confront our country and the world today.

Very truly yours,

Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, College of Staten Island


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