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De Blasio Urges IDC to Rejoin Democratic Minority

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: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged State Senator Jeffery Klein on Tuesday for help in the upcoming legislative session.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday, November 11, urged State Senator Jeffrey Klein and his four-member Independent conference to caucus with the Senate Democrat in the minority during the upcoming legislative session in Albany.

“I believe all Democrats should vote Democrat. That’s my simple view of the world, but the most important thing is to act on the issues,” Mayor de Blasio told reporters after marching in the annual New York City Veterans Day Parade on 5th Avenue.

Klein, who heads the Independent Democratic Conference, hinted in post election conversations that he’d prefer working with the Senate Republicans, who won a majority – 32 seats out of the 63 seat body.

Regardless of his personal defeat, after pushing for a Democratic Senate majority, de Blasio said he’ll continue pushing for his progressive agenda in Albany. “There’s a very serious agenda that has to be achieved in Albany and I think everyone should be judged on how they respond to that agenda,” he said. “Look, I think the citizens of this state are watching carefully and they’ll make their judgments in the future based on how people handle this moment.”

“Senator Klein has talked a lot to his credit about the minimum wage and DREAM Act and campaign finance reform and Women’s Equality Act,” he added. “Those remain some of the crucial things we have to get done in Albany.”


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