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“If Not Now, When?”: H&M Pays Homage to Hillel

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One of H&M hot items this season features a 2,000 year old Judaic quote.

H&M has revealed its newest clothing line, which honors the Jewish heritage. The international Swedish apparel chain unveiled its Hillel;-inspired shirt.

Featured is the company’s new sleeveless tank displaying a 2,000 year old quote from Hillel the Elder. The wise words borrowed from the preeminent Jewish thinkers are: “If Not Now, When?”

The rabbinic quotes, as well as many other sayings written by Hillel, remain relevant to this day in contemporary Judaism. The famous saying that most yehudim who have been educated on the subject will likely recognize is now donned to a moderately priced, only $9.95, white tank top with the black printed words.

A sales woman as Times Square’s H&M location said that the Hillel top has been one of the “most popular items this summer.”

“We sold that item out weeks ago, but people keep asking me about it. It obviously made a lasting impression,” she added. The Hillel quote is also featured in a Times Square H&M billboard, the third in a series of questions that first ask “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I?”

A thank you to H&M for popularizing Judaic passages, as well as making the words of such great thinkers appealing to the younger generation.

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