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In Wake of Kidnappings, NowForce Offers SOS App to Israeli Public

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NowForce sets up new alert system application to ensure personal safety of Israelis all around the country.Israel’s NowForce startup, known for its emergency response apps, has released its SOS app to the Israeli public free of charge. The company chose to make public its emergency system, which has been available to subscription clients until now, following the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers.

“In the wake of the grievous incident, in which three Israeli teens were kidnapped, we decided to release this to the general public for free as a way to boost the personal safety of Israelis all around the country,” NowForce spokesperson Julie Zuckerman told the Times of Israel.

The application will allow anyone who registers to notify emergency contacts and emergency service organizations.

“The app represents the kind of simple and cheap technology, available right now, that can be easily deployed to prevent situations like last week’s kidnappings,” Arik Yekuel, the former head of technology for the Israel Police, told Times of Israel.

NowForce says on its website that the service will also be provided free to visitors to Israel.


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