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Wrongly Accused Jewish Man “Lemon Juice” Wants Names

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After 14 court appearances all charges were dropped against falsely accused Lemon Juice.
After 14 court appearances all charges were dropped against falsely accused Lemon Juice.
Lemon Juice, yes his actual name, is seeking a court order to force social media giant Twitter and tech giant Blackberry to give up the name of a person who he says used his name and likeness in a phony online account that led to his arrest.

The case dates back to 2012 when Rabbi Nechemya Weberman was accused and eventually convicted of sexually molesting a young teenage girl. The charge against Juice was “Contempt of Court” as he was accused of posting a photo of the teen witness to his twitter account. It was alleged he posted the photo after the judge had ordered audience members to not take pictures during the criminal case.

The violation required Juice go to court at least 14 times to clear his name. All charges have since been dropped against Mr. Juice because police were able to determine the origin of the computer posting the picture was not his but rather a Mr. Moses Klein.

Juice contends that Klein purposely posted the photo because Moses Klein is an aide, driver and right-hand man to Rabbi Zalmen Leib Teitelman, who is one of the Satmar grand rabbis. Teitelman is the head of the school where the girl attended and where Weberman worked, according to the lawsuit.

Juice says he was a supporter of the victim, had attended her wedding and was at the trial to support her.

“Moses Klein wanted to cause humiliation and torment  to a supporter of the victim, as Moses Klein was a supporter of Weberman,” the complaint states. Juice says his false arrest and prosecution caused him emotional distress, ridicule and embarrassment from the media attention.

Although the name of Moses Klein was put out there by prosecuters it has not been officially confirmed by Twitter and Blackberry. Mr. Juice seeks the court’s assistance to flush out the user account’s information to confirm without a doubt that it was in fact Klein who caused him to endure such an ordeal.

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