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Trump to Schneiderman: Give Up Victims Names

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 Donald Trump wants the NY Attorney General to produce the names of the 5,000 people he claims were defrauded by Trump university.
Donald Trump wants the NY Attorney General to produce the names of the 5,000 people he claims were defrauded by Trump university.
Donald Trump is trash talking to New York’s attorney general, demanding that he “back up his fraud claims with actual victims,” the New York Daily News has reported.

In the latest development of the very public feud between Trump and the AG, Trump’s attorney’s filed papers requesting that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman produce the names of the 5,000 people he is claiming were defrauded by the now-defunct Trump University, the NYDN has reported.

“They are going to have to give us the names of all the people and produce those people for deposition,” said Trump’s lawyer, Jeffrey Goldman.

That legal maneuver was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court in March, the NYDN explained, and is the outcome of a January ruling from a judge that laid to rest some of Schneiderman’s claims and also limited the scope of other claims from the attorney general.

At the time of the January ruling, Trump and his legal team hailed it as a major victory, claiming it “left Schneiderman with a shell of his former case and little choice but to produce the names of everyone he claims was victimized,” the NYDN reported.

“Lightweight @AGSchneiderman just got his a– kicked by Trump!” Trump tweeted after Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Kern issued her decision.

Schneiderman’s office then rejected Trump’s claim that the decision was a significant setback. The AG also disputed the suggestion that he must produce the name of every single alleged victim in the fraud case against Trump.

“The evidence we’ve compiled and already submitted to the court is more than enough to prove our allegation that Mr. Trump and Trump University engaged in a persistent, massive fraud upon students across the nation,” said Schneiderman spokesman Matt Mittenthal.

“The heart of the lawsuit remains, but it is a much harder case for the government,” Ronald Colombo, an associate dean at Hofstra University Law School, told the NYDN.

Schneiderman filed the $40 million lawsuit against Trump last summer, which was more than two years after the investigation began and almost three years after Trump University shut its doors. The AG case claims that Trump University was a classic “bait and switch” scam, promising riches to  students upon enrollment in courses the AG has deemed as “essentially worthless.”

Trump has denied the allegations of fraud and even accused Schneiderman of using the lawsuit to as a publicity stunt. Trump then filed an ethics complaint against Schneiderman, claiming he pursued the lawsuit at the same time he was seeking political contributions from Trump and his family members, the NYDN explained..

Schneiderman must show that Trump University officials knowingly misled its clients and that those clients relied on that bad information in order to win the case against Trump, experts told the NYDN.

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