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Ray Kelly: Time To Make Money With New Position

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Raymond Kelly
Raymond Kelly
Former New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has finally secured himself a cushy new job – one in the private sector. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Kelly will run a new division for Cushman & Wakefield Inc., a commercial real-estate firm, where he will advise clients on ways to protect themselves from terrorism, crime and other threats.

Kelly, who served as police commissioner for 12 years, will lead the firm’s “risk management services” unit, which helps corporations decide both the location of their buildings and data as well as how to protect them. In addition, it will assist investors in their decisions on building purchases “in certain locations and how to set up buildings and cybersecurity if they do,” the WSJ reported.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for me,” Kelly told the WSJ recently. “I think it gives me the ability to take some of the things I’ve learned and help start a new practice.”

The job comes two months Kelly left his position as police commissioner. And while Kelly declined to specify other potential offers, he maintains that there were many prior to his decision to accept Cushman’s offer late last month.

According to the WSJ, Kelly received a “multitude” of offers from banks, commercial corporations, security firms and “interesting startups,” among others, said Robert Barnett, a lawyer who represented Kelly in employment negotiations.

Kelly has also padded his income with other part-time positions to his portfolio. Most recently, he joined the Council on Foreign Relations as a distinguished visiting fellow, and signed a deal with Greater Talent Network as a speaker.

Furthermore, the WSJ reported that Kelly is “expected to serve as a “special adviser” to a planned New York state college for homeland security and emergency preparedness, under a proposal by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”

The WSJ cited Cuomo administration officials as saying that Kelly will perform that job duty without payment.

New York-based Cushman & Wakefield is the third largest commercial real-estate services firm, with $1.66 billion in revenue for the first nine months of 2013.

Mr. Kelly declined to comment on his salary.

Cushman officials told the WSJ that the group wasn’t planning to expand into areas such as offering security guards. Rather, it plans to advise corporations and owners on matters pertaining to risk assessment, intelligence gathering and crisis management, they said.

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