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No Laughing Matter: Jewish Comedian Evicted

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Comedian Ari Teman unwittingly hosted an orgy in his apartment after renting it out on the website Airbnb.
Comedian Ari Teman unwittingly hosted an orgy in his apartment after renting it out on the website Airbnb.
A comedian rented out his posh Chelsea pad to what he thought was a nice man with family who was in town for a wedding. But the comedian returned home to discover that his home was being used to host a “wild orgy,” he told the New York Post.

Ari Teman, 31, claimed to have given his apartment keys to David Carter, 32, on Friday, March 14. He then stepped out for dinner before continuing on with his plan to leave town.

According to numerous media accounts, Terman returned to the building to grab his luggage, but found “a rowdy sex party featuring “Big Beautiful Women” was in the process of being shut down by building management,” the Post reported.

“This was just so bizarre,” said Teman, who had rented his apartment through the Airbnb website.

“The worst part of the Internet right there was in my apartment.”

“There were all sorts of people walking out of my apartment and people coming in from the back yard. It was a huge mess.”

Teman told reporters that his apartment was trashed by a group of nearly nude, overweight people. After the shindig was broken up, Carter was reportedly a nervous wreck in the lobby, according to Teman’s account.

“This guy had a look of horror on his face,” Teman said. “He didn’t expect to see me for a few days. He said, ‘They shut us down, man, they’re shutting it down.’ ”

Carter, however, claimed he just had a small get-together and that Teman was blowing it out of proportion.

“I had six people, friends and family,” Carter told The Post. “He is making a big to-do because he is being evicted.”

Teman claims that Carter had implied on the Airbnb website that he wanted a place for his in-laws to stay while they were in town to attend a wedding.

“He had a verified account and he seemed legit,” Teman said. “He had three positive reviews and so I approved the deal.”

When Teman later searched Carter’s phone number on the Internet, he found the adult party featuring plus-sized women advertised online as “Turn Up Part 2: The Pantie Raid.”

Airbnb said in a statement that Carter has been permanently removed from its website and that it will work with law enforcement to get the situation resolved.

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