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Shame on the UN For Attacking Israel and Ignoring North Korean Atrocities

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North Korean prisoners being subjected to unparalleled crimes against humanity
North Korean prisoners being subjected to unparalleled crimes against humanity
As news of the heinous atrocities against humanity that are committed by North Korea are being broadcast by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the sad truth remains that it does not surprise us in the least.

What does surprise us is the fact that this report describing the kind of North Korean barbarism that was once practiced on a routine basis by the Nazi death machine during World War II is being produced by the UN to begin with.

Truth be told, hundreds of reports of this kind, detailing the most unimaginable brutality and torture that are practiced by many countries have been brazenly ignored by the world body whose ostensible task it is to carefully scrutinize human rights abuses.

Rather than truly address these hideous human rights abuses and take concrete measures to stem the tide of this egregious plague, the United Nations is busy condemning Israel on a fast and furious basis. The UN Human Rights council, led by its special rapporteur Richard Falk has presented Israel as the “bogeyman” of the Middle East and the world for that matter, as it applies to purported abuses against the Palestinian population.  Despite the fact that these libelous allegations against the Jewish state have been proven factually untrue on numerous occasions, the “hate machine” at the UN Human Rights Council still arrogantly spews forth its mendacious narrative, while the international community eagerly waits to embrace it.

According to a press advisory sent out by the organization “UN Watch” which serves as an ombudsman for the world body, the latest and final report by the outgoing Richard Falk does not speak of the savage sadism and gruesome findings in the report of the unparalleled crimes against humanity by the North Koreans. His 22-page report does not speak of the summary executions, rape, torture, forced abortions and enslavement that are conducted against “prisoners of the state” by North Korea. Falk’s report does not mention “the starvation, the great famine and of the deployment of inadequate resources … of the babies who are born stunted and who remain stunted … of abductions, of the public executions, and of the fact that many people simply disappear — they disappear either into the prison camps or into public executions or private and secret executions” that was revealed about North Korea.

But rather, Falk’s report is replete with the usual odious and spurious claims against Israel. He recommends that the world court examine whether Israel is guilty of the international crimes of “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing,” and urges the UN to investigate corporations that profit from “unlawful Israeli activities.”

For those not in the know, Falk has been condemned by world leaders on multiple occasions for spreading 9/11 conspiracy theories, and for anti-Semitic acts such as his endorsement of a book that praises Adolph Hitler. And that folks is living proof of who is in charge at the UN. Wouldn’t one might surmise that the UN represents not only a cesspool of unbridled hate against Israel and the Jewish people, but also begs the question, “Is the fox watching the hen house?”

Michael Kirby, the retired Australian judge who chaired the commission established by the UN Human Rights Council, described the challenge posed by its findings this way: “Too many times in this building there are reports but no action. Well, now is the time for action. We can’t say we didn’t know.”

But anyone with eyes to see and ears that hear knows that the UN’s position on Israel’s alleged abuses remains on the top of its agenda.  As we witness a devolution of venalities that has come to embody the UN’s hypocrisy, we need only take note of a 2012 report published by the Anti-Defamation League.

The report states that:  “The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) which replaced the Commission on Human Rights in March 2006, has continued its predecessor’s extreme focus on and bias treatment of issues relating to Israel, particularly in comparison with its mild action on pressing international human rights crises.

“The permanent agenda of the HRC includes a specific item targeting Israel – Agenda Item # 7 – which is titled:  “Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.  Human rights violations and implications of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and other occupied Arab territories and the Right to self-determination of the Palestinian people,” Israel is the only country to appear on the HRC’s permanent agenda, while other countries such as China and Sudan, notorious for their human rights abuses, are included as part of the general debate.”

Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that the UN jettisoned its vigilance in scrutinizing the widespread human rights violations that took place in Rwanda and Darfus, while gladly taking up the gauntlet against Israel and the “apartheid state” status that was falsely bestowed upon it.

So, while the UN is now whistling a new tune of “concern” when its comes to these “startling revelations” about Nazi-like modalities used against prisoners in North Korea, we wait to see if their nefarious agenda towards Israel will change. We highly doubt it and would advise our readership not to hold their collective breath.  The UN still smells of the putrid odor of hypocrisy and always will.

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