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Newer Isn’t Always Better, Even For iPhones

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The 3Gs, 4S and 5S models of the Apple I-Phone are lined up side by side.
The 3Gs, 4S and 5S models of the Apple I-Phone are lined up side by side.
Apple’s golden child, the iPhone 5s, is equipped with a high-end A7 processor that lends it more processing power than any other iPhone. But what does that mean to the average iPhone user?

A YouTube video posted by Everything Apple Pro shows an informal speed test across eight different iPhone models and found some unexpected results. The video shows the iPhones racing each other to see which boots up, shuts down, and loads websites the fastest.

Surprisingly, it’s the 3G S model of iPhone that is able to turn off quickest, though it is still running iOS 6 as opposed to the newer iOS 7. All devices running iOS 7 shut down at approximately the same time, from the 4s upwards, which the video host comments may be more indicative about the software than hardware. Everything Apple Pro did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for commentary.

In terms of restarting, the 5s needed only 20 seconds, followed quickly by the other iPhone 5 models. However, the 2G iPhone, released over six years ago, wasn’t last to finish and turned on quicker than the iPhone 4 and iPhones 3G S and 3G.

But odds are that iPhone users don’t care too much about boot up and shut down times, so long as the phone properly boots up or shuts down. When it came to loading the websites and, it might require a slo-mo replay to figure out which iPhone can be officially declared the winner.

“If you have a 5, I wouldn’t really recommend upgrading to a 5S,” said the host of the video. “[The iPhone 5] has an amazing amount of power as it is. I just showed you guys that [the difference in power] isn’t even that noticeable in your day to day use.” ABC News has come to the same conclusion about average daily power when it comes to using the iPhone 5, which has the older A6 processor, and the iPhone 5S.

This isn’t to say that the iPhone 5s is a waste of money. Smartphones do more than load websites today and the 64-bit A7 processor in the 5s outperforms other iPhones in terms of graphics or gaming performance. Additionally the 5s has a better camera and the new TouchID fingerprint sensor.

But the video demonstrates that newer technology doesn’t always mean it’s better at everything. Just ask people who upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

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