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Weiner Again???

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One of the first things that come up when you Google former congressman Anthony Weiner is “Anthony Weiner sexting scandal,” which has a whole page dedication on Wikipedia.

And in case you’ve forgotten, on May 27, 2011, Weiner posted a very inappropriate photo of himself on Twitter, directed to a user identified as 21-year-old Gennette Cordova. Weiner quickly found the delete button, and would later claim that his account had been hacked.

The scandal (also known as “Weinergate”) is the reason the politician resigned from Congress in June 2011, after which a special election was held on September 13, 2011, to fill the remainder of his term.

Now the guy’s running for mayor, and the question weighing on everyone’s mind is – can New Yorkers forgive? After all, Weiner has already been forgiven by she-who-matters-most, Weiner wife and former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, (can’t you see her parents going, “I told you not to mess around with that Jew! An Arab man would have treated you and four other wives with way more respect…”)

At a celebration before Abedin’s wedding to Anthony Weiner, Clinton said in a speech, “I only have one daughter. But if I had a second daughter, it would [be] Huma.” Little did Hillary and Huma know just how much they were about to have in common – nothing like a public scandal to really forge a lasting bond…

But we digress…

It appears that now the Weinermeister is considering a run for mayor.

Weiner followed the announcement with a heart-wrenching interview in the New York Times Magazine, something about hoping the American public forgives him… which wouldn’t be too far-fetched as history demonstrates we do have a propensity to forgive a fallen hero (Bill Clinton and New Jersey’s Jim McGreevey are just two who come to mind.)

Regardless, if Weiner does decide to run for mayor the last thing he needs is another scandal erupting… except it kind of already has: it has to do with campaign funding.

Upon first glance, the former congressman seems to have put together a thorough and well thought out fundraising formula. And then he didn’t, as three of Wiener’s fund-raisers have been charged with felonies, which range from running a Ponzi scheme to bribing a state senator. The fourth and final fund-raiser is also reportedly involved in an ethics controversy.

So what does this mean? Probably that if Weiner does actually return to politics, he’d most likely have to return some of that shadily sourced fund money.

So in light of these allegations, do we really want this guy replacing Bloomberg? The answer requires taking the question seriously, because his place in history seems less suited for office than it does in the mocking barbs of late-night television comedians.

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