Tel Aviv/Jaffa Sabres Complete Undefeated Season, Repeat as Israel Football League Champions - The Jewish Voice
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Tel Aviv/Jaffa Sabres Complete Undefeated Season, Repeat as Israel Football League Champions

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“Israel Bowl VI” viewed by more than 100,000 TV viewers in both Israel & US

The Kraft Family Israel Football League (IFL) capped its sixth season of play with a thrilling and emotionally charged championship game as the Bourbon Street Tel Aviv/Jaffa Sabres overcoming the Talpion Judean Rebels 48-26.

Fans in person – where the game was played before a sell-out crowd of 800 at Jerusalem’s Kraft Family Stadium – as well as fans watching the game on Israeli and US TV (as well as radio) were treated to some of the best individual performances by stars of the league on both sides of the ball. In fact, the game MVP honors were shared by TA/J receivers Banning Fudge (of Oklahoma City) and Jonathan Curran (of San Diego) each scored three touchdowns.

The game was broadcast on Sport Channel 5 in Israel for the fourth year in a row and his seen its viewership consistently increase, despite the fact that this year’s championship game coincided with President Obama’s final day in Jerusalem.

In a significant step forward for Israeli football, the game was broadcast in the US for the first time, and was well received by JLTVs viewers. In the entire month of March, the Israel Bowl delivered the 2nd highest viewer retention rate of any program on the network. “The response from our viewers clearly demonstrates that the American public is excited about the combination of both football and Israel,” explained Brad Pomerance, JLTVs Senior Vice President for News & Programming.

The IFL is an 11-team league completing its 6th season of play in Israel. The League was founded with the support of Robert & Myra Kraft, of the NFL’s New England Patriots, and has become the fastest-growing sports league in Israel as it continues to introduce American football to enthusiastic Israelis throughout the country. The league includes 400 players with 25% of them originating from North America. Some are currently serving in the IDF, while others are Americans who have to Israel for the football season.

“We have seen tremendous interest from Israelis coast-to-coast who have quickly become extremely passionate about tackle football,” explains IFL Commissioner Uriel Sturm. “The way that our sport is able to blend the concepts of aggression and physicality with notions of strategy and extreme teamwork is something that resonates powerfully with Israeli mentality, not to mention the unrivaled exhilaration and fun that comes along with strapping on a helmet and shoulder pads.”

With the success of the league gaining traction throughout the US, additional American players and coaches are inquiring about how to participate in the upcoming season. With the improved quality of coaching/play within Israel combined with the interest generated from abroad, the IFLs upcoming season should be its most exciting and competitive yet. To learn more about how you can participate in the league, please visit or contact

The JLTV network is “”America’s Chosen Network” and is currently available in more than 40 million homes throughout the US. For a complete listing of where to watch JLTV in your area, please go to


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