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Fiasco in Boston: How the FBI Let the American People Down

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Shame on all law enforcement agencies for shutting down Boston and flooding the city with tanks and armored personnel as though we are living in Damascus or Baghdad.
Shame on all law enforcement agencies for shutting down Boston and flooding the city with tanks and armored personnel as though we are living in Damascus or Baghdad.
There is little doubt that April 15 will no longer be exclusively associated with Tax Day or Patriots Day; and this applies to all Americans.  Rather, the palpable pain that was evoked on this day of gut wrenching tragedy has been indelibly etched in the hearts and souls of Bostonians and all citizens. The aftermath of the horrific bombings left three innocents dead and over 180 injured; many of whom are now without limbs and are grappling with psychological scars that are slow to heal.  As such, this date in mid-April has now found its dubious place in the pantheon of other infamous dates such as December 7 and September 11.

As the world witnessed the helplessness of the city and its paralyzed citizenry in the days subsequent to the two bomb blasts that forever transformed the exuberant images of the Boston marathon, local law enforcement agencies and the FBI were tasked with the Herculean assignment of searching for the culprits and apprehending them.

What actually unfolded in the days after the bombing can only be labeled as a shameful blot on the otherwise historically prodigious reputation of the FBI.  On Thursday, when it became apparent that the FBI was sans clues concerning the whereabouts of the two men they believed were responsible for these heinous acts, they released the grainy surveillance videos for public consumption.  This, of course, was accompanied with a “lockdown” of the entire city of Boston as every aspect of life from commerce to entertainment came to a screeching halt. It would be helpful for us to recall that such a standstill costs a city like Boston approximately $333 million for each day that it remains dormant.  So much for the efficacy of the FBI.

When the announcement had been made that the Feds had previously been acquainted with “suspect # 1”, also known as 26-year old Chechen born Tamerlan Tsarnaev, things started to really take a nose dive.  His 19-year old brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was an apparent accomplice, yet the stuff that action movies are made of had yet to commence.

In a 2011 request by Russia to the FBI to launch a coherent investigation into the elder Tsarnaev’s possible terrorist proclivities whilst in the US, the Feds dismissively granted him a “clean bill of health” and jettisoned the notion that he could present an actual threat to national security. Let’s face facts:  If the Russians are asking the US to check someone out, you can be sure that they’ve also conducted exhaustive research and no doubt they discovered that he had some murky connections to Chechen rebels; famous the world over for their deadly terrorist actions.

If the Feds had a modicum of sense about Tamerlan they would have deduced that he had become “radicalized” by the pernicious Islamist elements in Chechnya; for after all, it is the Islamists who serve as the ideological driving force and backbone of the rebel movement in Chechnya.

Now, here’s something to ponder: Why, pray tell, did the Feds not keep at least one eye on Tamerlan when he traveled to Dagestan, a neighboring country to Chechnya, in 2012 for six months. What in the world was a guy who had a wife and child in the US doing there for that period of time?  Let’s try some rudimentary logic, which seemed to have escaped the FBI.  The Russians are natural heirs to the KGB, and if they picked up on the scent that Tamerlan Tasrnaev just might be in contact with the rebel forces and just might consider taking a trip to that region in order to receive some concrete explosives training, then why was the FBI so abysmally clueless?

Some very basic questions demand some cogent answers: Why wasn’t the FBI monitoring the mosque that Tamerlan attended every Friday for suspicious activity? When Tamerlan married his American wife and “transformed” her life by coercing her to convert to Islam, why didn’t the Feds take note of the fact that his wife was the bread winner of the family while Tamerlan was, for lack of a better word, a house husband, with plenty of time on his hands and no visible means of income.  How was he paying the bills? How was he spending his days and nights? What was he doing with his copious amounts of spare time? Who was funding him? Did he have contacts with possible Chechen rebel leaders in Dagestan?

Does this kind of slovenly behavior by the FBI remind anyone out there of the Nidal Hasan case, and how the Feds messed up big time on that one, trying to pass off Hasan’s deadly shooting spree in Fort Hood, Texas as “work place” violence when they were quite cognizant of the fact that he held radical Islamic beliefs and had a penchant for violence.

Now, let’s be really candid here. These two guys; not professional criminals by any stretch of the imagination; not part of a sophisticated sleeper cell as far as we know at this juncture in time, literally managed to tie the FBI around their collective little fingers.  These two hate-filled punks terrorized the minds, bodies and souls of all of Boston for several days last week and the feckless FBI remained in a state of inertia.

Let’s get even more candid and forthright.  Imagine for just a moment that we were associated with the haters of America and the Western world. Wouldn’t we be laughing up our sleeves right now? Wouldn’t we gain more than a glimmer of hope that the US can be defeated in the seemingly endless war on terror?  If these two miscreants can succeed in keeping law enforcement in a proverbial quagmire then can we only imagine what kind of blows such terrorist groups as al Qaeda with massive funding, advanced technology at their disposal, and an impressive infrastructure apparatus would deal us.

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